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Flower bread from Sri Lanka

Flower bread from Sri Lanka

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Sift the flour into the bread bowl, add salt to the edges, make a hole in the middle, put the dry yeast, beaten egg and start to mix lightly. Add a little water until you incorporate it all then the melted butter. We make a dough that is easy to handle and elastic. Leave covered in a warm place to leaven for 35 minutes.

We take the ball of dough and divide it in two.

We spread a thin rectangle and cut with a sharp knife (I suggest the pizza wheel), 18 strips (as in the picture)

We take six strips, grab and squeeze the ends holding them vertically and twist in opposite directions. We place them in the shape of a flower and put one end under the other. We do this with all the strips and with the rest of the dough.

Leave to rise covered in a warm place for another 30 minutes. Grease with beaten egg and put in the preheated oven at 200 degrees for 20 minutes

The 10 rarest flowers in the world (Photo gallery)

Just as we can talk about endangered animals, we could also make a ranking of the rarest and most spectacular flowers in the world. presents just some of these examples of plants whose characteristics are outstanding.

Champion (Silene tomentosa)

Originally from Gibraltar, the Campion flower was thought until 1994 to be an extinct plant species. Then a climber discovered a specimen, and the plant was taken to the Millennium seed bank. Today, the flower can be found both at the Botanical Garden in Gibraltar and at the Royal Botanic Garden in London.

Jade liana (Strongylodon macrobotrys)

Jade liana amazes primarily by its color, a spectacular turquoise, very rare in nature. Its natural habitat is in the Philippines, but the flower is very difficult to find, being threatened by local deforestation.

Parrot's Beak (Lotus berthelotii)

Extinct in the wild, the parrot's beak was found in the Canary Islands. It is believed that the flower no longer exists in the wild because it was pollinated by a species of bird that has since disappeared. Numerous experiments have been performed to obtain new pollinators, but all have been doomed to failure.

Chocolate flower (Cosmos astrosanguineus)

This flower is dark brown, native to Mexico, and in summer emits a strong vanilla scent.

The tree discovered in 1860 in Hawaii has been considered extinct since 1950. After 20 years, only one specimen was found, then destroyed in a fire in 1978. However, a branch was saved, then grafted in 23 different trees, and the plant managed to adapt.

Orchid cactus (Epiphyllum oxypetalum)

This plant is found in Sri Lanka, blooms very rarely and has a special significance for Buddhists. The flowers bloom only at night and dry until dawn. Buddhists believe that when this happens, the semi-mythical tribes of Sri Lanka, Nagas, descend from heaven and offer this flower to the Buddha.

Phantom orchid (Epipogium aphyllum / Dendrophylas lindenii)

The phantom orchid does not feed through photosynthesis, needing a specific fungus at its roots. Originally from the forests of Cuba, the flower is believed to have disappeared for more than 20 years. The flowers grow hanging in cypress trees, floating like ghosts, hence the name.

Yellow and purple lady's slipper (Cypripedium calceolus)

The plant is found today on a golf course in Great Britain, but it is very difficult to multiply. It seems to have a symbiotic relationship with a certain type of fungus, for this reason the multiplication being difficult. The flower has been protected by law since 1917.

Youtan Poluo is an extremely mysterious flower, made up of 28 tiny, white, fragrant flowers. The flower is mentioned in Indian myths, legend has it that it blooms only when the king of the future, King Sage, visits the world of the present.

Corpse flower (Amorphophallus titanum)

The extremely rare flower has no stem, leaves or roots, surviving with the help of the Sumatran vine. Its flowers are 6 meters high and 3 meters in diameter. The flower emits a pungent smell of a corpse, hence its name.

The most expensive and rare flowers in the world

Flowers are one of the most sincere and beautiful gifts a person can give. Although, most of the time, a bouquet of flowers is affordable, there are certain species so rare and special that their cost exceeds that of jewelry. People's fascination with flowers is not at all recent, there are enthusiasts in the seventeenth century, for example, who paid a small fortune for tulip bulbs.

10 You Should Try Sanjeev Kapoor Egg Recipes:

Here are 10 egg recipes from India's most beloved chef's kitchen. These are my favorites and my family just salivates over these Eggy delights.

1. Anda PalakCurry:

If you like PALAK paneer, then this might be your next attempt. Boiled eggs are cut in half, and then boil in lightly seasoned, creamy spinach juice to perfection. Serve this stovetop right as a side dish for your favorite Indian Flatbread or along with basmati rice or Jeera rice for a wonderful lunch.

2. Hoppers or:

Give the traditional Kerala appam recipe a touch of Sri Lankan flavors with this egg recipe. Crack the egg on the center of the appam and then season with red pepper flakes. Take my word for it - the dish just tastes heavenly! You can omit chili flakes if they serve this to children. Pair it with a spicy potato curry flavored ginger for a heavy breakfast!

3. Omelette with mushrooms, Capsicum, and shoots:

A day that begins with a wonderful, healthy delight is bound to be packed with energy. And, this Sanjeev Kapoor egg delicacy is a perfect option for that. Loaded with the goodness of mushroom fiber, cabbage protein, and bell pepper flavor, the omelet is an easy way to a healthy, nutrition-packed start.

4. Fried or Manchego:

Fried eggs served with ham and deep fried bell peppers - which is what this dish is about. If you are a meat lover, then this could easily become your favorite choice for breakfast. And, it only takes a maximum of 10 minutes to put together, which makes it a must try during a lazy weekend.

5. Eggplant and chickpeas Musaca:

Musaca is a classic Arabic delicacy and Sanjeev Kapoor made it without meat by using eggplant and chickpeas in the dish. A baked delicacy, it should be served straight from the oven, along with some bread of your choice. Pair it with Indian flatbreads for an ideal lunch option. It also works as a great party pleasure. If you serve it at a party, then make sure you have plenty of garlic toast, loaded with butter, on hand to enjoy this Arabic delicacy.

6. Hard Boiled Colored Eggs:

Give restless children a tempting visual delight with these hard-boiled colored eggs from Sanjeev Kapoor's kitchen. There are no artificial colors. While spinach powder is used to make shades of green, turmeric gives the classic yellow. Tomato powder is used to give the shade of red. Be sure to halve them and serve covered with a piece of cream for added appeal. Serve along with whole toast, cereal, fresh sliced ​​fruit, and a glass of milk for a full breakfast option.

7. Cheese Scotch Eggs:

These golden brown, fried delicacies are ideal for bachelor parties. A mixture of cheesy potatoes, infused with flavors of Worcestershire sauce and white pepper is used to cover hard-boiled eggs. It is then rolled in breadcrumbs and then fried for an enticing starter, smacking lip. Serve with whiskey or scotch and a fire sauce to ignite party spirits.

8. Your bile:

Do you want to serve something different at the party? Try these balls, fried egg in aromatic oil. A spicy mixture of dal, fenugreek seeds, red hot peppers, coconut, ginger, garlic, cumin seeds, and green peppers is mixed with onions, cheese, salt and coriander leaves. Thoroughly beaten eggs are added to this mixture. The teaspoon of this rich mixture is left to boil, hot oil and then fried until golden brown. Serve hot with mayonnaise or any bath of your choice.

9. Marinated Eggs:

Pickles are loved by all and this is a treatment for marinades as well as egg lovers. The aromas of the five spices powder blends with rich, spicy ginger and Tang black pepper, making this pickling a truly fiery touch. While Sanjeev Kapoor used plain vinegar here, I would opt for a chili vinegar for a pepped up flavor.

10. Or Noodle:

Usually give your vermicelli upma A treat with this egg vermicelli recipe. Equipped with aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin, coriander, this is a protein infused balanced breakfast option. Serve with a glass of fresh, warm milk or a cup of sizzling ginger tea for a bright start.

These are my choices when it comes to Sanjeev Kappor egg recipes. Each of them is elegant on its own. And, the good thing is that they can be easily squatted to fit into your daily routine or for a party.

What are your predictions when you think about egg recipes with Sanjeev Kapoor? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

Theater coup in the case of Ditrau! Sri Lankan bakers will continue to make bread

One day after the announcement that the bakers will remove the two bakers from Sri Lanka, the owners of the bakery in Ditrău seem to be turning their backs on the critics. Kallo Katalin, the manager of the bakery in Ditrău, told Mediafax on Sunday that they had made an "offer" to take the two out of production "for the peace of the village", but that they had decided that they would continue to do so. The woman said the two Sri Lankan bakers were afraid of the anger of the locals, as well as the employees who work with them.

Ditrău bakery manager Kallo Katalin told Mediafax on Sunday that he had come up with a "quote" for residents, fearing that the conflict would escalate and that Sri Lankan men would suffer, after seeing that people did not he accepted, the decision was made for the bakers to remain in office.

"They will stay with us, we are very pleased with them." It was not a question of taking them elsewhere, it was a misunderstanding. The mayor said in our letter that we want you to go somewhere else. The two employees, who are no longer employed, are our friends, they stay with us, I told them that the whole country is with them. We, for the peace of the village, because it was a group of 2,500 people and they said they were hurting them, offered to put another stage of production. They (the locals & ndash n.r.) did not accept. "We don't agree to send you home either, and they will continue to work as bakers as they do now," said Kallo Katalin.

The woman said the two Sri Lankan bakers were afraid of the anger of the locals, as well as the employees who work with them. & quot; They are afraid. We have employees who have been threatened for working with them. We have another 90 people working for Ditrău, Kallo added.

Panic among Ditrau locals over two Sri Lankan workers

About 200 locals from Ditrău commune gathered in front of the town hall on Wednesday, dissatisfied that a local bread factory hired two workers from Sri Lanka, people claiming that they are afraid that they will not come to the commune. wave of migrants & # 8221, to impose their culture on them and endanger their safety, writes Agerpres.

Piumal and Amahinda are 22 and 49 years old, respectively, they are bakers and were legally employed, through a recruitment company, at the largest bread factory in the Gheorgheni region.

The owners of the factory in Ditrău say that they wanted to hire a local labor force, both from Harghita and from other counties, but they were not successful, which is why they decided to look for bakers abroad.

This is how they came to bring to Harghita the two Sri Lankan bakers, who quickly learned the stages of the production process, are serious and appreciated.

& # 8222 The only reason we brought in employees from abroad is because we didn't find them in the local market. We put ads in Harghita and outside the county, but they are no more, bakers are very difficult to find (& # 8230) And we decided to try outside the country. First, last year, we brought a baker from Hungary, who is the head of the bakers, and two weeks ago the employees from Sri Lanka arrived through a recruitment company. We are very satisfied with them, they are very good workers, understanding, honest, serious, in two days they learned the production stages, they work the same as the other bakery employees & # 8221, Köllő Katalin, the director of the company that owns the factory, told the press.

It adds that in a maximum of one month, five foreign workers will be employed at the factory, four from Nepal and one from Sri Lanka, the company in need of skilled labor, as it is in the process of expanding with European funds.

The presence of foreign workers provoked the revolt of a part of the community from Ditrău.

The owner of the house where they lived was threatened, so Piumal and Amahinda were moved to a host in Lăzarea, a neighboring village, but the owner of the house suffered the same thing, and now they are looking for an apartment in Gheorgheni.

& # 8222The owner of the house (where the two lived in Ditrău & # 8211 n. Ed.) Was threatened, we took them to Lăzarea and there she was threatened and now we take them to Gheorgheni and we hope that there people will be more open . (& # 8230) We just don't understand their attitude, we don't understand what they want to do, they think they are migrants and they don't understand that they are legally employed, they are workers from abroad, they are not bad people, they are educated people. They think they are a threat to their village, but we do not believe that anything will happen. "We don't know how to proceed, but we want to continue working with them," said Köllő Katalin.

She told the people that they should be more understanding and better and claims that she takes responsibility for the actions of the two workers.

& # 8222I would like to tell people that we are no longer in the Middle Ages. We are in 2020 and I think they should be more understanding and better. I don't even understand the anti-human behavior they show and what they have against these people in Sri Lanka, who are just like us, they are also human. There are good people who want to live. In Sri Lanka they earn $ 60, here our minimum wage means a lot of money for them and they came so that they could support their family and not do any harm to those here. "We take responsibility for them if they do something wrong, but it won't be the case," Kollo Katalin concluded.

While the company director gives interviews to the press, Piumal and Amahinda work with their colleagues, smile awkwardly and do not understand why they are given so much attention.

However, those who came to protest the presence of the two Sri Lankans speak of the fear that a wave of migrants will come upon them and impose their own culture on them, giving examples that they have seen on television.

When told when one of the workers is a Catholic, he replies: & # 8222I donâ € TMt care. Two come today, seven come tomorrow, after that they need a school, a church and then? Let us stay here, the Szeklers, the Romanians, those of us who are here & # 8221.

The mayor of the commune, Puskás Elemér, urges calm and says that the situation was created because people were instigated and they are afraid that events like abroad could happen in Ditrau as well.

After talking with the mayor, the locals went to the church and expressed hope that their problem will be discussed and resolved on Saturday, in the popular assembly, to which the owners of the bread factory are also invited. AGERPRES

3 comments to & ldquo Panic among Ditrau locals over two Sri Lankan workers & rdquo

In the Harghita area, it is very difficult for a Romanian who does not speak Hungarian to find a job, so these Szeklers are bothered even more by the two workers who are not "Hungarian-Szeklers". Mentality that is maintained in this area very rigorously.

let the Szeklers take a break, as they do today, with traffic rights & # 8230. & # 8211 more will come!

Stinking noises, be ashamed! I leave Romania, not the poor people of Sri Lanka who may work harder than you

The rarest flowers in the world PHOTO

The ghost orchid is a flower located in Cuba and Florida. It is cultivated only in certain areas, where the environment allows it to develop. A fascinating thing about this plant is that it has no leaves. Therefore, it does not feed through photosynthesis, needing a specific fungus at its roots. When it blooms, it emits a soap-like odor.

Corpse flower (Amorphophallus titanum)

The corpse flower is the largest and most foul-smelling flower in the world. It produces an odor similar to that of rotten meat. Specimens of this species can be found on several islands in Indonesia, in areas with equatorial forests. The corpse flower blooms only once every 30 or 40 years. A flower in this specimen is 6 meters high and 3 meters in diameter.

Kadupul flower (Epiphyllum oxypetalum)

Originally from Sri Lanka, the Kadupul flower is truly special. It blooms only around midnight and withers until dawn. It has a special smell and is among the most expensive flowers in the world, due to its short lifespan, which botanists have not found an explanation.

Camelia Middlemist Red

Camellia Middlemist Red is the rarest flower in the world. There are only two specimens: one in England, one in New Zealand, both being kept in botanical gardens, under supervision. Its name comes from the caretaker John Middlemist, who brought a specimen of this plant from China to the United Kingdom in 1804. Researchers are still trying to find plants similar to it.

& # 8222Piumal cried, was very sad, found out from the news that the biggest problem is their skin color & # 8221. Locals do not want Sri Lankan bakers to touch their bread

The director of the Ditrau bread factory, Kollo Katalin, justifies her decision to take the two Sri Lankan bakers out of the bread production process by the fact that the locals & # 8222 do not want people from another culture to make their own bread & # 8221. However, she claims that the factory will not give up the two workers, who found out from the press about the scandal they are in and are very sad, and one of them even cried.

The two Sri Lankan workers employed at the Ditrau bakery will be moved to another stage of the bread production process, the announcement being made on Saturday at a debate at the House of Culture, which discussed local dissatisfaction with their arrival. in the commune.

The owners of the bread factory in Ditrau, the largest in the Gheorgheni basin, did not participate in the debates even if their presence was insistently requested by those present, but they sent a letter to the community, in which, among other things, they apologized for that they did not announce in advance to the locals that they would bring in foreign employees.

The director of the bread factory, Kollo Katalin, later told the press that he had received several signals from the locals that he would not have a problem with the Sri Lankan workers, but they do not want them to touch the bread.

& # 8222Our proposal was for the two qualified bakers to be included in another stage of production and for now to help us near the ovens, and the other five bakers with whom we have contracts (four from Nepal and one from Sri Lanka & # 8211 no) will not be brought unless in the next six months we will be able to hire five qualified bakers from among our locals. (& # 8230) The main problem is that they (the locals & # 8211 n.r.) do not want to accept that people from another culture make their bread. "They have often attacked the fact that they have no problems with those people, but still do not touch their bread, ours," said Kollo Katalin, quoted by Agerpres.

She pointed out that apologies were made to the locals for not informing them in advance that employees would come from Sri Lanka, the director adding that the company will not give up the two employees.

According to her, the company was contacted by the honorary consul of the Republic of Sri Lanka, who expressed his concern about the situation and requested that steps be taken to ensure that the two employees are safe.

& # 8222The Honorary Consul contacted us by phone. They are very worried about the situation of our employees and he told us that we have a day to move them from Lazarea, safely, to Gheorgheni. Today they are already moved to Gheorgheni, they are safe and they are very happy & # 8221, Kollo Katalin specified.

She said that the two workers found out from the press about the scandal in which they are and that they are very sad, and one of them even cried.

& # 8222Yesterday, already, Piumal cried, he was very sad, he found out from the news that the biggest problem is the color of their skin & # 8221, said the director of the factory.

The debates at the Cultural House in Ditrau were attended by about 300 people, most of the dissatisfaction expressed at the microphone being related to the way the owner of the bread factory behaved with some of them, who were previously employed at that company, accusing them of being treated like slaves and not being paid enough.

Many of the speakers rejected the accusations of racism against the inhabitants of Ditrau, claiming that this is not the case.

The mayor of the locality, Puskas Elemer, who started the meeting with tears in his eyes, declared that, on Monday, a petition will be drafted with the people's requests addressed to the owner of the company.

& # 8222First of all, I'm glad that people calmed down, everything they wanted to say to the company came out of them and so we agreed that on Monday, with some participants, we will make a petition to the company with the requirements, "We will teach them as a mediator and we hope that this situation will be resolved", said Puskas Elemer, after the debates.

Asked if the two Sri Lankan citizens would be forced to leave, he said he did not know yet, but hoped that would not happen.

& # 8222Please let me not answer now, because I don't know yet. We are not racists, that is not the problem. Now I do not know how to answer the question, but I hope not & # 8221, said the mayor.

VIDEO | There is no one left to bake our bread. We bring bakers from Sri Lanka

He has no one to knead us and bake our bread. One of the largest employers in Romania, the bakery industry, has a shortage of no less than 5,000 workers. We find to hire, but there are people without qualification in the field, the employers from the milling and bakery complain. They will bring bakers from Sri Lanka.

Author: S.D. Thursday, June 13, 2019, 7:56 p.m.

Employers say that the lack of students in vocational schools dramatically decreases their earnings. In vain he publishes weekly job ads. Nobody shows up. Employers do their best.

Nicoleta Motiu, head of production: We always put an ad on the internet, in the newspaper, to have coverage. Many come and go because they go abroad.

At this bakery in Bihor county, employees prepare 3,500 kilograms of bread daily. There are 35 people, but the owners say they would need at least ten more.

The employer is seriously considering bringing in labor from Sri Lanka in order to grow the business that cannot grow due to staff shortages.

And the situation in Mr. Stana's bakery is repeated all over the country. No less than 5,000 people are looking to hire milling and bakery employers, more than 10 percent of all workers in the field.

And Romanians are still big consumers of bread. According to a Rompan study, bread consumption has decreased in the last ten years in Romania from 92 kg per capita to about 82 kg, but it is still above the European average of 78 kg / inhabitant in one year.

Video: Wood Carving in Sri Lanka (July 2022).


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