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Fresh Mango Raspberry Bellini

Fresh Mango Raspberry Bellini

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Fresh Mango Raspberry Bellini

Ready to party? Make any occasion sparkle with a Fresh Mango Raspberry Bellini. Not only is it pretty to look at, but it’s delicious, too.


This drink can be served in a variety of glasses, from a rocks glass to a martini glass.

Nutritional analysis per serving (for 1, without garnishes): Calories 441; Protein 3 g; Carbohydrates 66 g; Fat 1 g; 2% Calories from Fat; Cholesterol 0 mg; Sodium 16 mg; Potassium 743 mg; Fiber 6 g

Nutritional analysis per serving (for 2, without garnishes): Calories 220; Protein 2 g; Carbohydrates 3 g; Fat 1 g; 1% Calories from Fat; Cholesterol 0 mg; Sodium 8 mg; Potassium 371 mg; Fiber 3 g


  • 1 Cup sugar
  • 1 Cup water
  • 1 mint tea bag
  • 1 ripe mango, peeled, pitted, diced
  • 1 Tablespoon raspberries, refrigerated
  • 1 Cup Prosecco, chilled
  • 1 fresh mango wedge, garnish
  • 1 fresh mint sprig, garnish


Calories Per Serving551

Folate equivalent (total)74µg19%

90 Second Fresh Mango Raspberry Bellini

Are you and your friends ready to party? Watch as Chef Cari with The Food Channel helps you gets your sparkle on with this fresh mango raspberry bellini.

Start by making mint simple syrup by combining one cup sugar with one cup water, and heat until the sugar melts.

Remove from the heat and add mint tea bags. Let steep for about 5 minutes and then chill.

Next, dice your mango. Simply slice off the sides of the fruit, avoiding the large seed in the middle. Once you have your two sides, cut a checkerboard pattern into the flesh, stopping just short of the skin. Speaking of the skin, don’t judge a mango by its color! To find a ripe mango just squeeze gently. A ripe mango will be slightly soft, like a peach or avocado.

Scoop out your diced mango and puree in a food processor.

To assemble the drinks, line the bottom of each glass with fresh raspberries, top with mint simple syrup, add the mango puree and a little chilled Prosecco. Stir and enjoy!

Not only is it pretty to look at, oh, it’s delicious too.

For more in this series, see 90 Seconds in the Kitchen and search “mango.”

Cari Martens

Chef Cari is the host of The Food Channel’s popular cooking series, :90 Seconds In The Kitchen. Her culinary expertise has a foundation in consumer insights and hands-on restaurant management. Martens was a Cultural Strategist for CultureWaves, the consumer insights network that fuels editorial content for The Food Channel, prior to expanding into culinary creative as The Food Channel’s chef and host. Before that, Martens served as General Manager for Ristorante Teatro, a high-end Italian restaurant concept in southwest Missouri. Her passion for food inspires fans worldwide, and she's known for her trademark phrase, "Now get in the kitchen!"

Mango Raspberry Bellini Popsicles

The day we got married felt like one of the hottest days in July that Kansas City has ever seen. We were still living in NYC but decided to have the wedding in my hometown, a location that would make things more centrally located for our friends and family coming in from all over the country. The fact that all our favorite people and loved ones were all in one place for that special day is still something that makes my heart overwhelmingly happy. But the heat, and the humidity—let’s not forget the humidity—were of epic proportions. I found myself saying to our visitors, “It’s not usually like this,” or “It gets hot here, but not usually this hot.” It’s as if by saying this I was going to watch the sweat magically disappear from their brows and they would then tell all their friends back home that Kansas City is a wonderful place with really great summer weather. Really.

In the end, it didn’t matter what the temperature was outside. There was so much love and laughter that day that not even the melt-you-into-a-puddle heat and humidity could have slowed us down. It probably would have been nice, though, if I had given all our guests these mango raspberry bellini popsicles. Better six years late than never, right?

With currently only being a week into our new home, we are still living amongst boxes, and more specifically, kitchen boxes. I did manage to find my blender, saucepan, and popsicle molds to make these boozy bellini pops. Full of fresh mangoes and raspberries, sweetened with honey, and rounded out with enough prosecco to make it feel like the real deal, these popsicles are a celebratory treat. As noted in the recipe, to make these vegan-friendly, I’d recommend sweetening with light agave. Agave tends to be sweeter than honey, so reduce the amount called for by about half or to taste.

So, join us today in raising a popsicle or two or three as we celebrate six years of marriage and the best of hot summer days. Because its not usually this hot here. Really.

Want more mango recipes? Check out this delicious mango bread pudding from Eat at Our Table.

34 Easy Cocktail Recipes to Kick Off the Memorial Day Weekend

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Blend the frozen raspberries and mango nectar until smooth. Strain the mixture through a fine mesh sieve to get rid of the seeds.

Fill each glass about 1/3 of the way with the raspberry mango puree, then top with Prosecco.

If you feel like being fancy, garnish with fresh raspberries, mango, and mint. How gorgeous is this? These are so easy to make you’ll be making them all summer long :)

Muddle the raspberries, sugar, and lime juice in a cocktail shaker.

Fill with ice and add cachaca.

Top with Champagne. Serve and enjoy.

40 Dreamy Raspberry Paleo Desserts and Treats

Everyone loves raspberries. They’re a delightful fruit that’s rich in antioxidants and has a bright flavor, tart and sweet all at once. Try some of these paleo raspberry recipes for ice creams, cakes, salads, and more.

1. Raspberry Slice
This three-layer raspberry slice is full of chocolate and berry flavors. The bottom layer is made from shredded coconut, almonds and almond butter, dates, cacao, and vanilla. The middle layer is luscious raspberry goodness, while the top is an almond butter chocolate ganache.

Photo: The Natural Nurturer

2. Raspberry Chia Jam
Chia jam is easy to make and you can control the ingredients that go into it, making it the perfect way to increase your real food intake and cut out processed ingredients. For this one, you’ll need fresh or frozen raspberries, chia seeds, and optional maple syrup or honey.

3. Grain Free Linzer Cookis
These yummy cookies have a base of cashew and almond flours and are modestly sweetened with raw honey. They’d make lovely holiday cookies or gifts, and you’ll fill them with sweet, bright, and zesty homemade raspberry chia jam for ooey gooeyness.

4. Raspberry Souffle
Though it looks and sounds complicated, this soufflé is actually super easy to make. You’ll need butter, maple sugar, frozen raspberries, lemon juice, arrowroot, eggs whites, and water. You probably have many of these ingredients already! Top with a fresh raspberry or a bit of puree.

5. Chocolate Coconut Cream With Raspberry-Orange Sauce
This coconut cream dessert is kind of like chocolate mousse, and it has only two ingredients! Then you’ll top it with an amazingly sweet and fruity raspberry orange sauce made from raspberries, orange juice, maple syrup, and orange liquer. Replace the corn starch with arrowroot.

Photo: Paleo Running Momma

6. Dark Chocolate Raspberry Fudge Brownies
There are two kinds of people in this world: people who like their brownies fudgy, and people who like them cakey. The fudgy people are right. I don’t know who those other people are. But whoever they are, they’re missing out on these fantastically fudgy raspberry brownies.

7. Pistachio Crusted Chicken With Rasberry Mustard Sauce
Another savory recipe! These are so easy to make it’s almost silly, but I want them for dinner ASAP. You’ll need chicken breast tenders, pistachios, Dijon mustard, frozen raspberries, olive oil, water, and honey. The sauce helps stick the pistachios on, adding lots of flavor.

8. Vegan Raspberry Milk
Everyone likes a good flavored milk every now and then. This one is made with almond milk and coconut cream, so it’s nice and creamy and frothy. Frozen raspberries are the flavor, with xylitol to sweeten (you could easily substitute stevia, in smaller amounts).

9. Chocolate Raspberry Bars
Chocolate and raspberry go so well together, it’s not wonder you find them combined in so many sweet recipes. This one includes a honey-sweetened cake layer with a mixed raspberry and chocolate chips topping using shredded unsweetened coconut.

Photo: Beauty and the Foodie

10. Chocolate Fudge Raspberry Sauce Cake
I love fruit sauces in and on my cakes because I love fruit and chocolate, and I love gooey things, and the sauces make the cakes so moist and perfect! This one is exactly that, with vanilla, fresh raspberries, coconut sugar, butter, and all kinds of other goodies.

11. Healthy 4 Ingredient 1 Minute Chocolate Raspberry Cake
This cake reminds me of chocolate lava cakes you can get in the freezer aisle (but are SO not paleo). It’s rich and gooey with a soft, fruity center made from frozen raspberries. The only sweetener you need is a ripe banana, so this cake is naturally sweetened!

12. Detoxifying Ginger Berry Beet Smoothie
This smoothie is perfect to enjoy the day after you’ve indulged a little bit too much. It’s naturally detoxifying because it supports your body’s pathways it already uses for cleansing (like your liver) and it contains stimulating ginger, lime, and black pepper with hydrating coconut water.

13. Raspberry Chia Pudding
This simple pudding recipe is made with fresh raspberries, chia seeds, pure maple syrup, coconut sugar, and almond milk. It’s a bit too sweet for breakfast in my opinion, but it would make a lovely dessert topped with chocolate chips and fresh raspberries.

Photo: Delicious Meets Healthy

14. Peach Raspberry Crumble
Sweet peaches are the perfect crumble buddy for raspberries because they add bulk, they’re gooey when cooked, they’re quite sweet (to balance the natural tartness of raspberries) and they create a beautiful sunset color. This crumble needs a quick adjustment—just replace the oats with more sliced almonds.

15. Velvety Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie
This smoothie contains all the flavors of the chocolate raspberry cakes and treats, but it’s a healthier choice with spinach, chocolate protein powder, and only banana as the sweetener. This is the perfect way to start your morning with a healthy breakfast.

16. Chocolate Chip Raspberry Zucchini Muffins
These muffins are made with a coconut flour base and they’re gently sweetened with maple syrup. Vanilla and almond extracts create lovely flavor play with the raspberries and chocolate chips, and you know you’re even getting a vegetable inside this treat!

17. No Bake Chocolate Raspberry Tarts
This recipe is the kind you serve when you have dinner guests and you want to impress them, but you totally need to trick them because you don’t have ten hours to spend in the kitchen before they come over. These easy tarts are so luscious and silky, but still paleo-friendly.

18. Grain Free Rhubarb, Raspberry, and Apple Crumble
Filled with fruits from three different seasons, this crumble is sure to please everyone with its spring-summer-fall lovely flavors and it’s crumbly layer made from hazelnuts meal, shredded coconut, dates, vanilla, and coconut oil. This is a pretty healthy treat, too!

19. BBQ Chicken Salad Bowl With Raspberry Pesto Vinaigrette
Because they’re naturally a little bit tart, raspberries are a great salad ingredient, and they’re a popular dressing flavor, too. This salad is full of amazing flavors with BBQ chicken, fresh mint and basil, and a pesto raspberry vinaigrette. You can leave out the goat cheese.

20. Antioxidant Packed Raspberry Smoothie Bowl
Smoothie bowls can be a fun way to enjoy your healthy smoothies, especially since you can put toppings on them that are best enjoyed with a spoon instead of through a straw. This one is made with lots of raspberries and banana and topped with fresh berries, seeds, and cacao nibs.

21. Raspberry Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Zucchini Brownies
There’s so much goodness happening in this title I don’t even know what to do about it. You can’t even tell the zucchini is there, so you’re getting nutrition without any loss of fun. The almond butter makes things dense, rich, and creamy, while the raspberry jam adds bright notes of fruit.

22. Raspberry Cocoa Smoothie
This dairy-free smoothie is still rich and creamy, thanks to the avocado and dairy-free milk of choice (my choice would be almond). It’s sweetened with ripe banana and honey and thickened with chia seeds, which provide extra protein, Omega 3s, and a velvety texture.

23. Rose Raspberry Chia Popsicles
I’ve been wanting to make these for a long time now and I just haven’t gotten around to hunting down some rose water. These popsicles are practically gourmet with their rose-raspberry flavor, but they’re gently sweetened and made with only real ingredients. Yum!

24. Honey Raspberry Jam
Is chia jam not your thing? No problem. You can make this jam instead, which is more like a traditional jam in its process but is totally paleo-friendly because it’s sweetened with honey. You’ll make it with pectin, but if you can’t get your hands on some high-quality pectin, it’s optional.

25. Raspberry Spinach Salad With Caramelized Pumpkin Seeds
This simple salad is full of nutritious spinach, fresh raspberries, and creamy avocado. It’s topped with the stars of the show: a white balsamic vinaigrette, and garam masala caramelized pumpkin seeds. The dressing calls for white balsamic vinegar, but if you have raspberry balsamic it would be amazing.

26. Epic Berry Crumble
This berry crumble may be epic, but it isn’t hard at all to make. All you need is fresh raspberries, lemon juice, almond flour, slivered almonds, coconut oil, maple syrup, cinnamon, salt, and nutmeg. You probably have all of these ingredients in your kitchen already!

27. Slow Cooker Raspberry Pork Stuffed Radicchio Wraps
It’s amazing how something that goes so well with chocolate is also perfect with pork and vegetables! These wraps are made with ground pork, raspberry juice or puree, balsamic vinegar, dried basil and other herbs, and radicchio. You can omit the goat cheese.

28. Blue Raspberry Smoothie
This smoothie is popular with kids, because it’s purplish blue and it tastes fruity. But it’s also made with fresh greens like spinach or kale, so you’re sneaking some serious nutrition in there! You can sweeten with stevia if it seems to need a little extra sweetness.

29. Raspberry Acai Smoothie Bowl
For a powerful boost of antioxidants and vitamins, try this acai bowl made with homemade almond milk, raspberries, and medjool dates. Don’t forget the toppings! This one is topped with fresh raspberries, chia seeds, and raw cacao nibs, but you could use whatever you like.

30. Mango Raspberry Bellini Popsicles
Popsicles are the key to keeping cool in the summertime for me, and these grown-up, adults-only popsicles are an amazing choice for a fruity treat. They’re made with fresh raspberries, honey, water, mangoes, kosher salt, and prosecco for an elegant flavor.

31. Vegan Lemon Raspberry No-Bake Bars
These little bars are perfectly suitable for when you’ve got vegan friends over and want to give them a treat everyone can enjoy. They’re made without eggs, dairy, refined sugar, grains, or any processed ingredients. And they’re high in protein because of all the nuts!

32. Raspberry Coffee Cake Muffins With Almond Streusel
All this recipe had to say was “streusel,” am I right? These sweet little treats are made with coconut flour, effs whites, almond milk, maple syrup, raspberries, and an amazing stevia-sweetened cinnamon-almond streusel. Enjoy with some delicious iced coffee!

33. Raspberry Rhubarb Grain Free Pie
This isn’t one of those no-bake, date-and-walnut-crust paleo pies. This is a real, honest-to-goodness pie your grandma would enjoy. So get to work! You’ll need almond and tapioca flours, butter, eggs, fresh rhubarb and raspberries, and coconut sugar.

34. Raspberry Rhubarb Margaritas
These sweet and bright pink margaritas taste like spring and summer. You’ll start by making a raspberry-rhubarb simple syrup with honey, and then you’ll combine it with lime juice, 100% agave tequila, and lime slices or mint to make it all fancy-pants.

35. Raspberry Coconut Ice Cream
This ice cream is totally dairy-free, and it’s made with only a few ingredients. You’ll need frozen raspberries, coconut cream, optional maple syrup, and a little coconut water. Want to know the best part? You don’t even need an ice cream maker to make it, and it’s instant!

36. Peach and Raspberry Lemonade
This drink pretty much epitomizes summer. It’s icy and refreshing with sweet, summer-ripe fruits, and it’s sweetened with raw honey, which is actually optional! If your raspberries and peaches are sweet enough, you could enjoy this drink totally sweetener-free.

37. Raspberry Lemonade Tart Popsicles
Maybe you like your lemonade frozen. No problem! Try these delicious pops with chia seeds, hemp seeds, coconut yogurt, and fresh thyme (you could also try other herbs like basil and mint, which would be delicious). Optionally sweetened with stevia.

Photo: Will Frolic For Food

38. Raspberry Mango Breakfast Cobbler
Oh, wow. This is pretty much my ideal breakfast: fruit, almond meal topping, vanilla, and full fat coconut milk to swirl into the hot and steamy finished product. These are awesome made in individual dishes so you can portion them out easily.

39. Raspberry Chocolate Spoons
What might you do with a chocolate spoon, you ask? Well, there are actually no spoons under here. Just pure chocolate! You could use them to stir coffee, hot chocolate, or other drinks until they melt into chocolate goodness. You could use them to eat ice cream! The possibilities are endless.

40. Vegan Chocolate Chip Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream
This ice cream is fantastic. It’s made with full-fat coconut milk, granular sweetener (coconut or maple syrup would both work), raspberries, and chocolate chips. That’s it! Four ingredients! You’ll need an ice cream maker for this one, but it’s so creamy churned that way.

The Famous Bellini Cocktail

This famous cocktail was created in 1948 at Harry's Bar in Venice, Italy by bartender Giuseppe Cipriani. It was named after the Italian Renaissance painter Giovanni Bellini because, supposedly, the drink's color reminded Cipriani of the painter's preferred warm and subdued color palette. This popular sparkling wine cocktail is made with Prosecco and white peach puree. It's delightfully delicate in flavor and very easy to make.

Of a beautiful pale pink color, the original Bellini is made with white peaches, although most versions use yellow peaches because they are more available and ripen faster and better. When peaches are out of season, canned or even frozen peaches will work, but the sugar content in some canned peaches can make the drink overly sweet, so choose unsweetened canned peaches if you can't find fresh. For garnishing the drink, frozen slices of peach are a great option if you're going to drop the garnish into the glass. It will keep the Bellini colder without any dilution.

The Bellini makes a great brunch cocktail, but it's also fantastic when served before or with dinner. The classic Bellini needs Prosseco, but it's often made with Champagne, which tends to yield a drier drink—unless you choose a sec or demi-sec wine. Any sparkling wine will make a great flute, although not a true Bellini.

42 Mango Recipes You Need to Try

Mango is a versatile fruit. It’s sweet enough that it can replace sugar in many sweet recipes and desserts, it’s an excellent smoothie base, and it goes especially well with other fruits—I love the tropical combination of mango, coconut, pineapple, and banana. But mango also loves savory dishes too, and is an excellent complement to meats and vegetable dishes. Give some of these mango dishes a try, from chia puddings to breakfast smoothies to wraps, marinades, and salsas. All of these recipes are paleo and absolutely delicious. Go mango crazy!

This easy and elegant salad uses sole fillets, fresh, ripe mango, chayote, bell pepper, fresh herbs like parsley and mint, lime, and seasonings. Garnish with microgreens and serve as a dinner appetizer or as a light but nourishing meal for lunch. Yummy!

The mango salsa that goes on this mahi mahi really steals the show. It’s what you get when you use sweet, ripe mango mixed with fresh veggies on tender, perfectly cooked fish. Just another example of how well you can eat with Paleo.

These protein bars are made from almonds, dried mango, coconut flakes, egg white powder, honey or maple syrup, vanilla extract, and a touch of cinnamon. They’re flavorful and nourishing without being overly sweet or dessert-like. Use one to refuel after a workout!

Craving a taste of the tropics for breakfast? These muffins are made with coconut flour, flaxseed meal, chopped macadamia nuts, fresh mango, and other delicious ingredients. They’re topped with a sweet and tangy coconut lime streusel that finishes off the flavor profile.

If you’re familiar with my recipe lists, you know how crazy I am about fruit salsas. They’re both sweet and savory, and are basically a party in your mouth. Try this recipe with mango, avocado, sweet Maui onion, cherry tomatoes, red wine vinegar, and other ingredients.

Photo: Rubies And Radishes

These tasty wraps come together quickly if you’ve got fresh mango and you keep frozen shrimp around in your freezer. They’re refreshing on a hot day, and they use a pre-made paleo wrap to keep things super simple (though you’re welcome to try it with a homemade version!).

These chillers really couldn’t be any easier: just cold mangos, lime juice, and ice! But there’s something that feels so refreshing about a nice, cold, tropical drink on a hot day, and I’m a huge fan of these dairy-free, sweetener-free, simple-to-make smoothies.

I’ve shared this recipe before, and for good reason. It’s amazing! make a simple, homemade mango sorbet and float it in whipped, frothy coconut milk for a creamy and cold treat that’s totally dairy-free and gently sweetened with coconut sugar and maple syrup.

Could the title of this dish be any more perfect? Just look at all those amazing words! Even better, though, is actually eating this dish with its sweet, spicy, tangy perfection. Creamy, cool avocado? Check. Spicy mango cherry salsa? Check. Ancho shrimp? Check!

This bowl of goodness is like a dairy-free ice cream treat made from delicious frozen fruit and a pre-made tasty granola. Have you ever made ice cream from frozen bananas? They’re the perfect base because they’re sweet and when ripe, they have a low water content, so they whip into a perfect ice cream texture that isn’t icy.

For those of us who aren’t from the UK, ice lollies are popsicles. And these are perfect. With layers of maple-sweetened mango and cinnamon-vanilla coconut cream, you’ll be hooked at first lick.

This breakfast obviously isn’t really oatmeal! Instead, it’s a hot and nourishing porridge made from banana, coconut flour, eggs, cinnamon, coconut oil, caramelized mangoes and peaches, and toppings of your choice. I’d have mine with hemp seeds and crushed nuts!

I love this smoothie for its beautiful color, its probiotic base, and hydrating coconut water. Using mango kombucha makes this smoothie amazing for your digestive system, while frozen blackberries and mangos make it delicious.

These little bites are perfect for right before a workout—they’re a quick source of energy in the form of natural sugars, and they’re held together with healthy coconut oil! The sweet and tangy fruit flavors and vanilla extract are the perfect combination. So tasty, and so good for your body, too.

These pops are made for celebrating. With fresh raspberries, honey, mangoes, and prosecco, they have a sophisticated sweetness and a tangy, bubbly feel in your mouth. Not for kids, but you could make them their own version with coconut water!

These muffins are perfect for a quick and portable breakfast, and they’re totally tasty, too. With a blend of starches and sunflower seed meal, they have a lovely texture and a sweet mango flavor. You can replace the xanthan gum with psyllium seed husk.

These might look like morning pancakes, but they’re a much more savory treat. These tuna cakes are made with scallions and coconut flour, and they’re topped with fresh diced mango and green salsa for a well-rounded tropical flavor.

I moved a few months ago, and my new grocery store carries organic dragon fruit every week—it’s the first I’ve seen of the fruit in real life (really!) and I’m going to make this smoothie my first dragonfruit recipe. So beautiful and tasty!

This bowl combines savory pineapple beef with greens, a homemade mango-avocado salsa, fresh spinach and deliciously sweet and soft roasted sweet potatoes. It’s easy to pull together on a weeknight, and oh so good.

This colorful salad looks like a rainbow and tastes like heaven. With mangoes, avocado, red onion, red bell pepper, chopped cilantro (or mint/basil if you don’t love cilantro), lemon juice, and garlic, it’ll be your new favorite salad.

This BBQ sauce is one of my favorites, and we have it with chicken at least a few times a month. It’s made with mango, chopped dates, apple cider vinegar, garlic, fresh ginger, tomato sauce, curry, salt, and pepper, and a hahanero—which you can leave out if you need it mild.

This Thai-inspired dish is made from riced cauliflower, coconut oil, garlic, green onions, red bell pepper, ripe mango, red onion, fresh mint leaves, and cashews doused in a dressing of coconut milk, fresh ginger, almond butter, and lime.

These super fresh rolls are rolled in red-leaf lettuce, so they’re totally paleo! I love the mango rolled up inside, but my favorite part is the tahini sauce with red pepper flakes, coconut aminos, and a touch of maple syrup to balance out the flavors.

These steaks are tender and juicy and seasoned with ground coffee, chili powder, paprika, and lime. Top them off with a fresh mango salsa made from mangoes, red bell pepper, red onion, jalapeno, lime juice, and plenty of cilantro leaves (you could replace the cilantro with mint).

This mango curd is healthy with gelatin, mango, and vanilla extract. And you don’t have to cook it! I recommend using grass-fed gelatin for this recipe. Just look at that beautiful color! I think I want to put this on everything, starting with some grain-free pancakes.

The taste of the Caribbean comes through in these pork chops, and the mango salsa does a great job of sealing the deal. The sweetness of the mango combines well with the savoriness of the pork for a taste sensation that delivers every time.

This fruity chutney would be absolutely amazing with meats or paleo breads and crackers. It’s sweet with pineapple and mango, with hints of spice from jalapenos, red onion, ginger, and other spices. Use all coconut sugar as the sugar in this recipe.

If you’re like me, you probably love full-meal recipe posts because you don’t have to think about the different dishes in your meal. I love this plate with juicy and tender steak, grilled mango with chili sauce, and heavenly Brussels sprouts (one of my favorite veggies).

This is an application for mangoes you probably weren’t expecting! Try these baby eggplants with coriander seeds, cumin seeds, turmeric, chili powder, and mango powder. Use coconut sugar in this recipe, and if you can’t find mango powder, make your own by freezing dried mango and blitzing it in the blender.

These tuna steaks are perfectly seasoned with smoked paprika, onion, powder, cumin, and ground black pepper with a touch of coconut sugar, ground ginger, and apple cider vinegar. Top them off with a sweet and creamy salsa for an easy and healthy meal.

Since moving to the desert, I’ve been really into slaws. I’ve never loved leafy salads, but slaws are so much different, and super refreshing on hot, dry days. I love this one with fennel, mango, lime, cilantro, jalapeno, and olive oil. Add a bit of salt and pepper and you’re sold.

Here’s a kid-friendly popsicle with coconut milk, frozen mangos, lime juice, and a bit of chili powder for a bright and unexpected burst of flavor. I love chili powder on frozen desserts, especially fruity and tropical ones like these mango coconut pops.

I’m not really an eggs-and-meat for breakfast kind of person. I don’t want dessert for breakfast, either, but I love fruity breakfasts, and this grain-free cobbler is perfect. When the weather cools off, I can’t wait to eat it with coconut milk poured over the top!

Here’s another grown-ups-only popsicle with diced mango, lime juice, tequila, honey, cayenne pepper, salt, coconut milk, honey, and lime juice. The beautiful layers will keep you on your toes as you’re eating, and they’re so refreshing and tasty!

With the added sweetness of mango this green smoothie becomes a surefire winner. It’s a great way to drink your greens since it’s loaded up with kale and perfect for those that don’t really like the idea of eating a big plate of kale.

Thought you couldn’t enjoy a streusely coffee cake anymore after going paleo? Think again! This one is tasty and free of dairy and grains. You’ll need coconut flour, eggs, almond milk, coconut sugar, shredded coconut, ripe mango, and nuts for your crunchy topping.

These easy fish tacos are wrapped in lettuce and stuffed with mango, kiwi, minced shallots, fresh cilantro, and wild caught Alaskan cod. They’re fresh and flavorful and would make a great lunch on a warm day.

Everybody loves a good sorbet, right? It’s smooth, cold, creamy, and sweet. This one’s also nutritious! Made with frozen ripe mango, mint leaves, lime juice, and a healthy sweetener to taste (I would use a bit of maple syrup—maybe a teaspoon or two), it’s easy to make and healthy, too.

These popsicles are fresh, delicious, healthy, and simple. Blend them with spinach for a healthy and green popsicle and still tastes like a fruity treat, and if you wish, add some vegan vanilla protein powder for additional nutritional value.

This salad uses toasted coconut flakes, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, mango, onion turmeric, jalapenos, spinach, and other seasonings with a bit of sweetness (use coconut sugar in place of the sugar). You’ll love the coconut curry dressing with lime juice!

Photo: That Girl Cooks Healthy

This pudding is made with coconut milk and pureed mango thickened with heart-healthy and versatile chia seeds. If you’ve never had chia pudding, give it a try! The chia seeds cause the liquids to thicken into a tasty treat that’s healthy enough to eat for breakfast.

Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory, and this smoothie is a great way to enjoy it without the bitter flavor. This is a mango-orange smoothie with carrot, cashews, coconut water, grated ginger, and even a bit of freshly cracked black pepper for an amazing flavor.

I’m a green smoothie monster myself—mostly because I don’t love eating salads, and my husband and I are in the middle of a very busy part of our lives, so we sometimes eat more potatoes and rice than we should. Good thing this smoothie bowl is super easy to make so there are no excuses, and it tastes great!

Mango Bellini Cocktail Recipe

Do you brunch? It has to be one of my favorite meals combing the sweetness of breakfast and savory tastes of lunch. Most importantly a good brunch come with a delicious cocktail and today I&rsquom sharing a mango bellini you can make and serve at your next brunch. Impress your friends and give them a reason to linger with this sweet and fruity drink.

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A bellini can be made in so many forms. The traditional version combines peach nectar and prosecco, a deliciously sweet and tangy sparkling drink that pairs so well with breakfast or lunch (and BRUNCH!). I&rsquove made a pitcher of bellinis and have experimented with all kinds of fruit in this cocktail, but this mango bellini might just take the cake. This recipe calls for fresh pureed mango, triple sec and sweet sparkling rose. It&rsquos pretty amazing.

The full recipe is below, but let me share a few tips with you first. I started with a fresh ripe mango, the fruit is soft to the touch and peels easily revealing a sweet and juicy flesh. I peeled and cut the mango then added it to my Ninja. This blender is the key to a perfectly smooth puree, I use it for smoothies too and they are never lumpy. With the mango I added a shot of triple sec and blended until it was as smooth as baby food &ndash just a grown up version!

This puree is the base of the mango bellini. I spooned a bit of the puree into a flute and then topped it with sparkling rosé. The puree will sit on the bottom and you can enjoy the cocktail just like that, or you can gently stir the bellini to combine all the ingredients. The rosé is sweet and delicious and the triple sec adds a little citrus kick to the drink.


I don’t often share cocktail recipes around here because the truth is I just don’t drink that much. But today I’m sharing a recipe for Mango Raspberry Bellinis. Lou and I will be drinking these on Christmas morning. It’s part of what makes our holiday magical! Every Christmas morning we eat Patacones (a friend plantain recipe from his mother) and drink too much champagne. Then we nap, hard. IT IS THE BEST THING EVER. What are your Christmas morning traditions? I’d like to add another to our mix! xx- Sarah

Mango Raspberry Bellini

1 tablespoon coconut sugar or other sweetener

1 large bottle of champagne

– Combine raspberries, mango, coconut sugar, 1/2 cup of water, and 1/2 cup of champagne in a blender and blend until smooth (add additional water if needed)

– Scoop 2 tablespoons of mango raspberry mixture into a champagne glass and mix with champagne (you can add more or less to your taste preference!)

– Serve immediately, with raspberries (frozen or fresh) to garnish.

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This sounds so good. I'm going to try this recipe one of these days!

All of your photos are so beautiful. My fiance (who is a vegan) and I have made so many of your delicious recipes. I always get excited when my email digest comes through with your daily posts.

Yum! I think we're going to copy your Christmas morning tradition and make these bellinis this year!

These look glorious! My husband and I eat extra-cinnaminny monkey bread on Christmas morning. This drink might become my new New Year's morning tradition!

Watch the video: @liquidalembic How to make a Mango Apple Bellini Cocktail by Giovanni Depergola (July 2022).


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