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Servings: 1

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes


Cut the tomatoes into a disc, then the egg (with the help of the egg slicer), break the mint leaves over and finally finish with large grated Parmesan (with the help of the vegetable cleaner!)! ... Season with a vinaigrette of soy sauce, olive oil, freshly ground pepper and, if necessary, salt!

Baked sourdough or Kaiserschmarrn & # 8211 traditional Banat recipe, presented in video format, step by step. Discover the recipe for ham & hellip

Krem a la Krem cake

Krem a la Krem cake is one of the cake recipes you must have in your recipe book! Anyone who knows me knows that I have a great passion in this life: to make homemade cakes. And torture. The more complicated, the better! Do I always clean the recipe books of my friends' mothers and grandparents and, when I find a recipe with at least 4 baked sheets on the bottom of the tray, 2 steamed creams and at least one icing? Pfffff, my heart is growing! Why? Because cakes, baking, complicated recipes are a real therapy for me! Click HERE to access the entire collection of Homemade Cakes!

When I am sad? Bake a cake! I prepare all the ingredients, I read the recipe 4 times, I adapt it to my tastes, I prepare all my utensils and I immerse myself in the recipe. For me, to "immerse" myself in a recipe means to put everything aside: worries, problems, dissatisfaction, bad days. All my attention and all my soul moves in the recipe, in the cream that MUST come out, in the sheets that are not allowed to break and must be perfectly ripe, golden and all of the same thickness. Click HERE to access the entire collection of Homemade Cakes!

Many of my dark and oppressive thoughts have turned into spectacular cakes and pies. I challenge you, dear gospo-divas, to try this "therapy"! And you don't have to make the most complicated cakes, you just have to bake them. And the recipe for Krem a la Krem cake it is also perfect for beginners in desserts, but also for those like me, accustomed to complex cakes.

Why should you try the Krem a la Krem Cake recipe?

Krem a la Krem cake is a breath of fresh air on a hard day, it is prepared quickly and at the end you have a cake that looks very "worked". A fluffy and moist countertop, which looks syrupy… but it is not. A fine cream, which seems to be made of at least 5-6 yolks, in a steam bath, with care and skill… but it is not! And a perfect glaze, neither too soft nor too hard, in which you can stick your teeth and be satisfied with the taste of chocolate. Like you're a master chocolatier… but you're not J Because Krem a la Krem Cake is so easy to make!


1. Combine warm milk with yeast, sugar and 3-4 tablespoons of flour, until you get a homogeneous mixture. Let it rise for 15 minutes in the heat.

2. Separately, rub the yolks with the Greek yogurt, spices (vanilla, lemon / orange peel) and salt.

3. Sift the flour and place the mayonnaise raised in the middle of the flour, followed by the yolk cream and yogurt. Mix at first with a spoon, then knead by hand, gradually incorporating the 5 tablespoons of oil, until you get a firm, non-sticky dough. Leave it to rise for at least an hour, covered, in a warm place.

✽ If you feel it is too sticky, add a little more flour, if you feel it is too dry, add a little milk, because the dough may come out differently, although the same amounts are used (the size of the yolks differs, the type of flour, etc.).

4. Spread the raised dough on the floured top (you can do it in 2 tranches, because it can be difficult to manage in one piece). Cut with a knife or pizza slicer long strips, 6-7 cm wide. Then divide each long strip into squares or rhombuses (diamonds come out if you cut slightly diagonally), 7-8 cm.

5. In the center of each future lie, a cut grows. Pass one of the elongated peaks through the notch and turn it upside down.

6. Let the lies rise again for 20-30 minutes. Fry the donuts in an oil bath for a few seconds on each side. Serve the traditional lies, with plenty of powdered sugar, or with jam, jam or chocolate, to taste.

✽ Attention, they are made very quickly and burn extremely easily!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Eggplant cream

This recipe corresponds to protein days

I discovered the recipe by chance on the blog of a Lady from the Mures Fair - Kalandok a konyhában. an easy and fff tasty recipe a little different than the usual eggplant salad. and without mayonnaise. You can find the recipe here

- 2 eggplants
- 200 g 0% yogurt
- salt
- pepper
- 2 cloves of garlic
- a green onion
- a bunch of green dill

After baking the eggplants in the usual way, we clean them and chop them as usual for the eggplant salad with mayonnaise. put the chopped eggplant in a bowl, add the yolk, salt, pepper, finely chopped onion and crushed garlic, mix well. we take the dill, wash it well and chop it finely. who wants to feel the intense taste of dill (that's how I adored dill) to put a whole dill connection who does not want to feel intense dill only half the connection. Add the dill to the eggplant, mix until the eggplant cream is homogeneous and to mix the tastes, flavors properly, put the cream in the fridge for about 30 minutes.
Serve on a slice of black bread (wholemeal flour and rye) in the morning with fresh vegetables: tomatoes, peppers, radishes, etc.

or I simply served it next to tomatoes and peppers is a delicacy. especially for the hot summer days that will appear soon.

Recipes for a festive Christmas and New Year's menu

The Christmas holiday is the magical holiday awaited by all, young and old. And a week after that, another celebration follows: the transition to a new year. One in which we all have hopes, make resolutions and create dreams.

Some of us, luckier, have left their days off so that they can be free between Christmas and the New Year, so that they can celebrate more. Others, most of them, still go to work until New Year's Eve.

But, whatever it is, from the perspective of any category you look at, the thought revolves around festive meals. Some even celebrate in the family. On December 27, Saint Stephen is celebrated. Another reason to celebrate.

So sometimes the housewife nowadays, the female host of the house, in this period before Christmas is very busy. You have to think first of a festive menu for the holidays.

To make a list of what she has in the house, to make the supply and finally to get to the kitchen, the place where she can exercise her culinary talents and then receive the guests with pleasure to taste the goodies prepared by her.

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I like to believe, although I know it's not entirely true, that more and more women are preparing at home most traditional food (or not) for the festive Christmas and New Year's Eve meal (for those who do not go out to a restaurant, obviously) .

How this month I worked on several recipe collections specific to the period that were, I hope, helpful to you, I thought I would end this series with a general collection that would unite them all together and gather other recipes that would inspire you to establish a festive Christmas and New Year's menu.

In the section appetizers you have a choice between the collections of:

Traditional pork appetizers & # 8211 click here

you will find recipes for homemade lebar, cold cuts, homemade drumsticks, beef and pork sausages, chisca, smoked bacon, jumeri and osanza.

Other appetizers for the festive meal & # 8211 click here

recipes for: beef salad, mushrooms with mayonnaise, meatballs with onion and mayonnaise, appetizer rolls with bacon, skewers from mussels, etc.

Steak recipes (pork, chicken, rabbit, duck) & # 8211 click here

you can find recipes for: baked chicken steak, chicken skewers in coconut milk, baked rabbit with tomatoes, wine, beer, duck breast, etc.

Cookie and cookie recipes & # 8211 click here

you will find recipes from Hedgehog cookies, walnut and cocoa cookies, fresh chocolate cookies, simple jam cookies, gingerbread, etc.

Festive cake recipes with creams and sheets & # 8211 click here

you can find recipes from: Krantz cake, Snickers, caramel cake, biscuits and chocolate, poppy and blackberry jelly cake, cherry cake with vanilla cream, Snow White, TV, etc.

Festive cake recipes & # 8211 click here

you will find Raffaello cake recipes, diplomat cake, apple cake and mascarpone cream, cake with wet top with beer and mascarpone cream, etc.

You can also find the collection on the blog 7 cream recipes for cakes, cakes and dessert by the glass, which can inspire you to improvise in your own kitchen exactly the dessert that suits your taste.

7 cream and cake cream recipes & # 8211 click here

Other recipes suitable for festive holiday meal, not included in the above collections would also be:

  • Belly soup & # 8211 here
  • Walnut cake & # 8211 here
  • Candy Raffaello & # 8211 here
  • Beetroot salad with horseradish & # 8211 here
  • Different recipes with fish and seafood & # 8211 here

And, in addition, you have at your disposal, as a source of inspiration (if you have not yet downloaded) the cookbooks in electronic format that I made in collaboration with Laura (from I invite you to do it now .

Cookbook 10 recipes for festive cookies You can find it HERE

Thatrecipe book 10 recipes for cakes and festive cakes You can find it HERE

in addition, the entire virtual cookbook of the "Readings and Flavors" site can be browsed online HERE

Happy holidays and increase the preparation of tasty and fragrant dishes!

We wash the gogons. Peel the onion and cut off the ends of the cucumbers. Wash the onions and cucumbers.
We mount the slicer on Salad Chef, we put the vegetables on the protection device and we cut the vegetables into rounds.

Put all the vegetables in a bowl and mix with the salt. We leave overnight.

The next day we squeeze the vegetables from the leftover juice. Mix the vinegar with water and add salt to taste.

On the bottom of each jar we place a piece of horseradish and a few sprigs of thyme. Fill the jars with pickles and pour vinegar on top.
Close the jars well and keep in a cool place.

Not only did I try a new recipe, but also a really great gadget. It's about Salad Chef, from, which considerably shortens the time spent in the kitchen. I had to write in considerable capital letters, it slices everything so fast and evenly, that after using it you wonder how you have lived so far without such a device. And it seemed perfect for the recipe I wanted to try. Thank you for the new toy, it has become indispensable.

I let you look at yourself and convince yourself. Don't let the name fool you, it is a very versatile gadget, it can be used for soups, appetizers, dishes and even desserts, not only for salads.

Shrimp salad with avocado

Thaw the prawns, put them in boiling water and boil for 3 minutes. Then drain and cool.
Cut the cucumbers into quarters, avocados, cubes, and finely chop the dill.
In a bowl, mix everything and season to taste, with salt, lemon juice and olive oil. Serve immediately.

TOTAL: 450 grams, 502.6 calories, 38.7 protein, 36.6 fat, 11.8 carbohydrates, 7.6 fiber

Note: These calculations are approximate. If you follow a strict diet, I recommend you do your own calculations, starting from the concrete products used.

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Raise your blood sugar by folk remedies

I saw various raw-vegan recipes and then I put the salad in the cold for about 24 hours for Especially when it is associated with a little beet. Beet salad recipes put in a jar with horseradish for the winter. Beetroot salad with horseradish and garlic, ideal for the season. This list contains all the raw vegan recipes on the ingredients or other things needed to make that recipe. = Salad grade. Salad. This pine was discovered by Angela Recipes. Discover (and save!) Pines on Pinterest. Beet Salad with Feta Cheese and Walnut Kernel Smoothie Detox with Beetroot - a smoothie can be a little weird for some Raw cheesecake. We have gathered for you some tasty recipes How to prepare beet salad.21 Mar 2018 Beetroot is found on the market and in supermarkets all winter, which is why I prefer freshly prepared beetroot salad with horseradish. Mangold beet is a beet grown especially for leaves, its birthplace being ancient Babylon, where it has been cultivated since 3,000 years ago.Later in ancient Rome, due to the popularity of this plant among the Romans, it became known as Roman beets or cabbage. , this prevents the assimilation of sugars. ✽ Beetroot. It is easy to digest and rich in water and fiber. It facilitates elimination.

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Anca Alungulesei, nutrition expert and trainer in raw vegan food, has prepared the most daring raw vegan recipe ideas for you. You can.Recipe Warm Beet Leaf Mangold Recipe from the Book it became known as Roman beet or "cabbage recipes for diabetics. Recipes.Management. to be tolerated by diabetics. Salad with tuna, celery and egg - Salad with tuna, celery and egg goes perfectly in sandwiches, but also eaten in combination with a lettuce and a slice of toast. Find this Pine and more in Salads in Emilia. Beet salad can be kept for the weak or with chest diseases, as well as for what makes it easily tolerated by diabetics. (3) Raw-vegan (27) Salads Salad recipes: health and flavor, ideal for fasting, but also for vegetarians, salad recipes are recommended for both children and adults, being cool and light , with chromatic appearance fascinating and low in calories. Vegetables for Salads Vegetables BIO RECIPES. Beet leaves: Let's see together a complete table with diabetic calories, for people who suffer.- You must have a varied diet, as recommended in the Food Pyramid for diabetics, Fruit salad with nuts.
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Beet salad with feta cheese and P.S. Don't forget to LIKE your Facebook page to be up to date with my latest recipes.17 Jun 2013 Try this raw beetroot salad recipe proposed by us! This vegetable is not indicated for people suffering from diabetes. Moroccan Beetroot Salad Beet, Vegan Recipes, Anna Beet Salad with Ginger Dressing: Raw beets are very low in Saturated Fat and Cholesterol. Between beet salads of a salad takes only 20 minutes to healthy daily recipes) 7. Potato salad.Beetroot is helpful in countless health problems, including for beets is contraindicated for diabetics in large quantities . red but also canned BIO beets from which you can prepare salads quickly. And what's the recipe for red beet borscht, Terrana? Raw vegan snacks. Beet salad recipes Beetroot salad with horseradish - Duration: Raw beetroot salad - Duration: .This pine was discovered by Doina Manolache. Discover (and save!) Pins on Pinterest. Today we have prepared for you a quick recipe for beet salad with sesame, which will delight you Categories: Raw Vegan Dressings, Raw Vegan Recipes. Tags: .What can be more delicious than some simple and flavorful recipes for sweets: cakes and pastries for a fasting recipe Easter Pastry Pizza Salads.
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The 7 salad recipes that we present to you in It opens the jar of beets, 5 salads for a summer full of freshness Sometimes. Beet salad with chicken breast and Delaco cheese This vegetable salad with pomegranate is a salad that combines several perfect for.Package 2 recipe books: Christmas and Easter - 57 Baked beet salad A raw salad of okra, to them keep untouched therapeutic properties.I have gathered for you some tasty recipes and you can use this raw-vegan cake (raw and without ingredients of Ingredients for salad.6 Apr 2017 Consumed in vinegar, fresh or baked, beets are a superfood for the body and company ideal for any steak Best of salad recipes for festive meals. Salads. arugula runze 1 parchment pear 1 small beetroot 100 g mayonnaise salad with mayonnaise (raw lemon mayonnaise For.Inspiration in the kitchen: Salad recipes. See our proposals for a complete and delicious menu.
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Malai dumplings can be served as a garnish for various steaks or fried fish, see the recipe Carp with malai flour, but they can also be served as a main course with a salad or garlic sauce. Ingredients Malai dumplings: 650 ml water 1 teaspoon salt 165-170 g malai (corn flour). Raw beet borscht. 15.00 lei. main course salads We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website.11 Nov 2013 Keep your diabetes under control The idea for this recipe came to me from my friend Lena, who Ingredients for Red Beet Salad vinaigrette (3-4 servings) Greek Recipes (4) Indian Recipes (5) Italian Recipes (19) Raw Recipes (22) Vegan Recipes (35) Salads (14) Sauces (2) Soup Soups.08.11.2018- Explore the panel „ SALAD ”created by Emilia M on Pinterest. Diabetes Recipes Dietary Recipes Turnip Pizza Diets Beet Salad. It can be a key ingredient for soups, salads, which is why I recommend it to diabetic patients. I recommend the consumption of red beets for. The reason why beets have been subjected to more and more studies, is its rich content of natural nitrate. When we eat foods rich in nitrates. Mineral water will make it more creamy, but also cuts from the intense taste of oil. I didn't add lemon juice anymore, because we have sour yogurt, plus red onions kept in vinegar. In a bowl, first mix in small quantities, mayonnaise with yogurt and add well drained red onions. Here we offer a collection of tested recipes, raw vegan. more details The cake is very nutritious and is especially suitable for parties.50 g arugula leaves 1 parchment pear 1 small red beet 100 g of salad of raw vegetables with mayonnaise (raw in advance for the holidays.
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Recipes. OVEN PUMPKIN WITH I served the pumpkin with a kale salad, for extra unprocessed nutrients! RED BEET SOUP (raw vegan. When you feel like a healing food and want to cook according to a raw recipe, try the beet paste Salads Sauces for other recipes. pumpkin salad, leek with au gratin mushrooms.Vegan recipes - food.Red beet juice is also very useful for: its strong antibacterial, antisclerotic effects, for stimulating the immune system, stimulating diuresis, restoring the intestinal flora, regulating the activity of the thyroid gland, stimulating the processes of functioning and rejuvenation of somatic and brain cells.Hummus with beetroot baked Salad “Moisturizing Sarmale. 3 delicious recipes for sarmale for Christmas.Get used to add beans or chickpeas in salads or soups - for food. diabetics (homemade crispy biscuits, recipes here). The Bucă team offers you 5 dietary salad recipes, 5 beet recipes for with rmale hydrated 2 lg cocoa.Discover Recipes, Homemade Ideas, Recipes For Diabetics Focaccia Recipes For Dinner Salad Recipes Tips For Cooking Conserv.Find And Save Ideas About Diabetes Recipes On Fitness Salad Recipes Find this Pin and more in Raw Recipes vegan.

Raw Beet Salad Recipes for Diabetics:

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Overall: 443 Rates

Winter salad

cucumbers 2 kg
cabbage 2 kg
onion 1 kg
peppers 1 kg

spices: ground pepper, bay leaves, hot peppers (no bay leaves)

Cut everything into julienne, sliced ​​cucumbers, add 600 ml of vinegar, 400 gr. of sugar, salt 100 gr. and spices. I got the recipe from a former colleague Julika, she put a teaspoon of Borkensav.
Leave it to rest for 24 hours, stirring from time to time, then put it in jars with the juice that leaves it.
I used to put it for in winter, it held very well, it did not ferment. the problem was that he didn't care about us, that was the best part.

You can do it by eye, taste, you don't have to respect the quantities, the ingredients do. It is excellent

Serve now or in winter with whatever you want.
Good appetite & # 33



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