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Banoffee pie

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The label is removed from the milk cream and placed in a pan with water wrapped in a kitchen towel. The water should be about 1-1.5 cm below the lid. Boil for 2 hours on low heat to obtain the delicious Dulce de Leche which is left to cool.

The digestive biscuits are crushed and mixed with 80 g of melted butter and brown sugar. The resulting composition is placed in a cake form with removable walls greased with butter and pressed lightly (you can also use a tart shape). Bake for about 10 minutes at a medium temperature (170˚C).

After cooling the top, pour the caramel cream over it. Leave on the edges a space of about 1 cm from the counter without cream. 2 bananas are sliced ​​and placed over the caramel cream. Whip the cream and pour over it. The remaining banana is cut into slices and put over the whipped cream. Sprinkle the cake with cocoa powder.

Good appetite!

31 Christmas pie recipes to celebrate the good times

And the truth is that a few dishes please as much as a good pie! And even better if she is ready for this special occasion, which is Christmas. But for this, of course, it must be prepared with a lot of love and special ingredients, so that it becomes truly welcoming and impresses guests.

Get inspired by sweet and savory pie recipes that are as beautiful as they are tasty, perfect to go out on the Christmas table!

Recipes for sweet pies

1. Sweet Christmas pie with spices: in about 35 minutes you will be ready this cake that looks beautiful as well as delicious. You need butter, brown sugar, eggs, flour, baking powder, spices, white currants, black currants, cherries, candied fruit, lemon and almonds.

2. French toast: In addition to making a delicious Christmas pie, in this recipe repeat the French bread that has become old in your home. In principle, you will use bread, sugar, cinnamon, nuts, eggs, vanilla essence, milk, condensed milk and cornstarch.

3. Red fruit pie: a wonderful and full of flavor pie, perfect for special occasions. It is sweetened only with date paste. And the tip is to finish with a delicious cream!

4. White forest cake: beautiful and delicious, this pie produces an average of 10 pieces. You will find a chocolate mask biscuit, butter, cream, chopped white chocolate, cherries, non-alcoholic gelatin powder, water bran and white chocolate.

5. Orao cake decorated with red fruits: a pie as wonderful as it is delicious. The base is made entirely of Oreo biscuits, which guarantees incredible sweetness and aroma. The filling is a sweet chocolate ganache and, in addition, whipped cream with red fruits. A perfect dessert for your Christmas!

6. Quick sweet pie: easy to make, but no less special why! The recipe requires three ingredients and is reminiscent of a pudding, but it is firmer and can be decorated as you wish. It is another gluten-free recipe, perfect for celiac disease.

7. Cherry Pie: a whimsical pie, perfect to enrich your Christmas meal and delight all your party guests! The process is a bit labor intensive, especially in terms of mass training, but the result is definitely paid.

8. Alfajor pie: an easy recipe while enthralling. You need two ingredients that do not present. Sweet milk and chocolate. For a special Christmas decoration, the advice is to use candied fruit, cherries or red fruits.

9. Tiramisu Pie: A great choice for Christmas or New Year's dinner because it is very refreshing and quick to make. All you need is melted cheese, sugar, chocolate powder, vanilla essence, instant coffee, water, colorless gelatin, cream and champagne.

10. Banoffee Pie: a pie full of benefits, because it is easy to make, requires a few ingredients, is creamy, has an intense aroma and blends perfectly with important occasions, such as Christmas.

11. Italian straw leather: Although simple, it looks delicious and is sure to be a great choice for Christmas dinner. It is good to know that this pie is low because it is pure chocolate, but if you want a bigger pie, double the amount of filling. If you want to make this dessert even more Christmas, you can change some of the basic flour and cream for chopped nuts.

12. Vegan chocolate pie: a healthier dessert, but no less delicious! It has a super-crunchiness and is gluten-free or sugar-free. The filling is very creamy, it is a ganache made with coconut milk (instead of cream).

13. Sweet rice strawberry pie: a different and tasty combination to really impress. The dough consists of sweet sugar, butter, salt, almond flour, eggs and wheat flour.

14. Ganache pie with nuts and almonds: a combination of ingredients that do not require comment! You will practically use bitter chocolate, butter, cream, Nutella and a mixture of roasted and raw broken nuts and almonds.

15. Strawberry and lemon pie: a nice and tasty pie that mixes lemon azedinho with sweet strawberries and crispy chocolate clay. From these desserts to no one to blame, perfect to impress in the end-of-year holidays!

16. Walnut pie with grandmother: beautiful and full of flavor. In this very Portuguese recipe, you will practically use eggs (more eggs!), Sugar, crushed nuts, vanilla and water.

17. American apple pie: those desserts impossible to resist! It takes time and a little skill in cooking, but it pays off not only for the amazing taste, but also the look, which is totally welcoming!

18. Salted caramel pie with apples and meringue brûlée: falls into the comfort category food, it is perfect to be eaten still hot with caramel sauce involving soft and juicy apple cubes. There is also a properly fried brûlée meringue. A dessert that really impresses!

19. Fruit Pie: For those who value a healthy diet, even during the holidays, this pie is a great option! After all, it is made without sugar, low in carbohydrates and saturated fats. In addition, of course, it looks beautiful and hot.

Pies Revenue 20. Chicken Pie with Cheese: You basically need chicken breast, onion, garlic, tomatoes, parsley, olive oil, salt, tomato paste, fresh cream, melted cheese, cheese platter thick parmesan cheese, wheat parmesan, wheat flour, butter and pepper.

21. Brie cheese cake with almonds: can be served as a gathering or as a meal, which accompanies a salad, for example. For the ingredients used and the incredible flavor, it becomes an excellent choice for this special holiday, which is Christmas. Everyone will love her!

22. Shrimp pie with palm heart: the dough is easy to prepare. The filling is what gives the pie a personality. It is a whimsical rehydrated and thickened to ensure a good texture.

23. Codfish, seafood and palm heart: if Christmas orders a kind of dish as the date, this recipe is a great choice. It is also called Capixaba pie, is a strong tradition in the holy week of Espirito Santo, and the rich combination of seafood with the palm - for those who have not proved - will surprise you!

24. Mushroom pie, palm heart and olives: it's actually a quick mixer pie, but it uses special ingredients! It is also very versatile, allowing for variations of fillings, so it is an excellent recipe for those who want to enjoy vegetables that are in the refrigerator.

25. Pork bread with pumpkin dough: a combination that works! This is because pumpkin has a sweeter and more delicate flavor, while dried meat has a stronger and stronger flavor. To complete, this pie has a very light and delicious dough.

26. Shrimp cream pie: a delicious pie that blends perfectly with special occasions, especially for the elegance of shrimp dishes. The dough is very easy to make, only with wheat flour, salt, sugar, olive oil and water.

27. Heart-shaped pie with walnuts: an excellent choice for Christmas, especially for those who are vegetarians, this pie is delicious, different and healthy! The dough does not need flour, but only chickpeas and spices.

28. Bruschetta leather: imagine a light and delicious pie. This is! It is made with French bread and you can use the oldest bread or the same day. To be very different, it is a great option for Christmas dinner, everyone will love it!

29 Portuguese pizza: to make this recipe different, use milk, eggs, olive oil, onion cream, flour, baking powder, grated mozzarella, ham, tomatoes, onions, eggs, green olives and olive oil.

30. Tomato pie with cheese dough: nice because of the use of tomatoes and just as tasty. The cheese mass is salty just right, crispy and blends beautifully with freshly baked tomato jam. A kind of dish at Christmas!

31. Mushroom pie with tofu decorated with zucchini roses: full, vegan and delicious, not to mention the look, which is wonderful. The dough is super versatile for other recipes (it can even be used for sweets), the tofu cream has a wonderful texture and the mushroom filling can be replaced with candied tomatoes, zucchini or any other filling.

Christmas is a celebration, peace, joy, fraternity. And nothing better to gather everyone around a table than a delicious pie made especially for the date, right? Good recipes are not missing!

I’ve seen pictures of this desert even before I started food blogging, but I have never searched a recipe, nor have I tried to make one myself. When I ended my relationship with sugar, the option to make the classic recipe has disappeared and I haven’t had the courage to make a healthier version.

Just in case you don’t know, Banoffee Pie is more like a tart with bananas, sweetened and boiled condensed milk (dulce de leche) and whipped cream. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a decent alternative for dulce de leche nor have I wanted to use 400g of cream whipped cream for one dessert. I had to change everything, starting with the crust and finishing with the decor, and the mission didn’t seem easy.

However, I found myself with a bunch of ripe bananas and had to do something with them. I decided to venture out and I tried to make my healthy version of Banoffee Pie. I was aware that it won’t be exactly like the classic but I was sure that I will end up with something tasty.

To obtain the condensed milk flavor I used the toffee flavdrops from Myprotein and I kept the cream, but I reduced the quantity. I recommend using only natural unsweetened whipping cream, because it is sooo much tastier and healthier than the one with vegetable fats. Don’t panic that it has 35% fat, because fats don’t kill us and the amount used is not very big anyway.

I don’t know how much my Banoffee Pie resembles the ones from the pictures, but I can say that it is extremely tasty and it’s worth trying.

For the base:
150g (5oz) digestive biscuits (about 10)
75g (3oz) butter
For the filling (see tip):
75g (3oz) butter
75g (3oz) light muscovado sugar
1 x 397g tin of full-fat condensed milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
For the topping:
3 small just-ripe bananas
300ml (10fl oz) double cream
50g (2oz) dark chocolate, broken into pieces, or 1 tbsp cocoa powder

You will need: a 20cm (8in) round, spring-form tin with deep sides, and a piping bag (optional).

Banoffee Pie

Biscuit Base

Caramel Banana Filling

  • 90g butter, diced
  • & frac12 packed cup soft brown sugar
  • 2 tbsp golden syrup
  • 395g can sweetened condensed milk
  • 4 ripe bananas, finely mashed (about 2 cups)
  • slices of just-ripe banana
  • softly whipped cream or cr & egraveme fra & icircche
  • grated or shaved dark chocolate

Preheat oven to 180 & degC fanbake.

To make the Biscuit Base, break up the biscuits in a food processor, add cocoa and whizz to a fine crumb, or place in a bag and beat with a rolling pin to very fine crumbs. Add the butter and whizz or mix to combine evenly. Press firmly into a 23-24cm tart tin to cover base and 4cm up the sides. Chill while you make the filling.

To make the Caramel Banana Filling, melt the butter in a pot, add brown sugar and golden syrup and stir over a medium heat until bubbling. Mix in the condensed milk and cook over a low heat for 4-5 minutes, stirring constantly so it doesn't catch. Remove from the heat and stir through the banana. Pour over the base. Bake until the filling is set and very lightly golden (10 minutes). Cool and, if not serving at once, chill for up to 5 days until needed. To serve, top with sliced ​​banana, whipped cream or cr & egraveme fra & icircche and grated or shaved chocolate.

Banoffee cake

I saw a picture of this dessert a few days ago, I chose the Mary Berry recipe, so here I am in front of you with this Banoffee Tart.

I had seen this dessert on other occasions, but I don't know why it hasn't conquered me so far. It's pretty hard to conquer me irreparable a dessert, only if it's not with coffee :))

This dessert combines two very popular ingredients, namely bananas and toffifee cream. Everything on a crumbly countertop of biscuits, garnished with a fluffy layer of whipped cream & # 8230 let me tell you?

I tell you honestly, this Banoffee tart is so good that you can hardly, very hard refrain from eating. When I prepared the cream, I already knew it would be hard to resist in front of her :)))

It's an extraordinarily high-calorie dessert, but just as extraordinarily good.

I tell you from the beginning, you have to take all the risks if you want to prepare this dessert. :)) I have a word for very good food or desserts, my friends know it, but I don't write it here, they know what it is :)))

Let's see what and how this Banoffee tart is prepared!

Preparation time: 1 h Nr. servings: 8-10 Complexity: medium
  • wheat:
  • 400 gr digestive biscuits / graham
  • 100 gr butter
  • Toffifee cream:
  • 75 gr muscovado sugar
  • 75 gr butter
  • 1 can of condensed milk (397 gr)
  • a pinch of salt
  • a few & # 8220drops & # 8221 chocolate
  • 2-3 bananas (hard, not very ripe)
  • 400 gr sour cream
  • 30 gr vanilla sugar
  • decor:
  • black chocolate
  • pecans, ripe and chopped
Method of preparation:

Finely grind the biscuits in a food processor. I used almond biscuits, very tasty. I recommend using crumbly biscuits, not very sweet.

Melt the butter, then add it over the biscuit breadcrumbs. Mix lightly, then place in an even layer, as the base of the dessert, in a baking dish. I used one made of heat-resistant ceramic. Bake in a preheated oven at 170 degrees C for about 5-7 minutes.

Note: I don't like the biscuit base to be hard and dry, for this reason, I don't add much butter and I don't press the breadcrumbs very hard. But you can, if you want, prepare it with more butter and thicker.

In a frying pan, on the fire, melt 75 gr butter and 75 gr sugar. Allow to melt, stirring constantly to homogenize. Once the caramel has become dense, add the condensed milk. Leave it to boil for a few minutes, stirring constantly, until a dense and homogeneous cream is obtained.

Remove from the heat and pour over the breadcrumbs in the pan, leveling lightly with a spatula greased with oil. Set aside to cool slightly.

Bananas are peeled and sliced ​​into 2-3 cm thick slices. You can put them whole, placing several on all the surface of the caramel cream.

Place the slices over the layer of cream and leave to cool until the cream is ready.

The sour cream is mixed cold, using a mixer. When it becomes fluffy, it is sweetened with sugar and mixed a little more. Place over the banana layer. It can be decorated with the help of a pouch or even with a spoon.

Grate strips of dark chocolate, coarsely chop a few pecans (pre-baked) and leave to cool until the next day.

The next day, portion with a knife dampened with water. It must be served cold and with a coffee.

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Credit for the pie's invention is claimed by Nigel Mackenzie and Ian Dowding, the owner and chef, respectively, of The Hungry Monk Restaurant in Jevington, East Sussex, England. [3] They claim to have developed the dessert in 1971 by amending an unreliable American recipe for "Blum's Coffee Toffee Pie" with a soft toffee made by boiling an unopened can of condensed milk for several hours. After trying various changes including the addition of apple or mandarin orange, Mackenzie suggested banana and Dowding later said that "straight away we knew we had got it right". Mackenzie suggested the name "Banoffi Pie", and the dish proved so popular with their customers that they "couldn't take it off" the menu. [4]

The recipe was published in The Deeper Secrets of the Hungry Monk in 1974, and reprinted in the 1997 cookbook In Heaven with The Hungry Monk. Dowding has stated that his "pet hates are biscuit crumb bases and that horrible cream in aerosols". [5] It was Margaret Thatcher's favorite food to cook. [6]

The recipe was adopted by many other restaurants throughout the world. [4] In 1984, a number of supermarkets began selling it as an American pie, leading Nigel Mackenzie to offer a £ 10,000 prize to anyone who could disprove their claim to be the English inventors. [7]

The word "Banoffee" entered the English language and became used to describe any food or product that tastes or smells of both banana and toffee. [2] A recipe for the pie, using a biscuit crumb base, is often printed on tins of Nestlé's condensed milk, although that recipe calls for the contents of the tin to be boiled with additional butter and sugar instead of boiling the unopened tin - presumably for safety reasons.

Use a food blender to crush the biscuits into fine crumbs.

Melt the butter in a large saucepan and stir in the crushed biscuits until the two bind together. Press the mixture into the base and sides of a 20cm (8in) loose-bottomed cake tin. Chill for 30 mins.

For the caramel, melt the butter and sugar over a low heat until the sugar has dissolved and the mixture is golden in color. Add the condensed milk, stirring continuously and bringing to the boil. Keep the caramel boiling steadily for 2 mins, whilst stirring to make a thick golden caramel. Take the caramel off of the heat and cool.

Slice the bananas and arrange most of them over the biscuit base then spread the caramel over the top. Chill for 1hr 30 mins, or until firm.

When ready to serve, remove the pie from the tin and place on a serving plate. Fill a piping bag with the whipped cream and squeeze onto the banoffee pie, decorating as desired with the remaining bananas and a light dusting of cocoa powder.



Step 1

Preheat oven to 350 °. Crumble cookies into a food processor and pulse until very finely ground. (You should have a heaping 1½ cups.) Add butter and sugar pulse until mixture is combined and sticks together when pressed between your fingers.

Step 2

Press mixture across bottom and up sides of a 9 & quot-diameter pie dish with your hands. Freeze crust for 5 minutes.

Step 3

Bake crust until slightly darkened around the edges, 8–10 minutes. Let cool.


Step 4

Place chocolate in a medium bowl. Heat cream in a small saucepan until just beginning to simmer immediately pour over chocolate. Let sit, undisturbed, 5 minutes.

Step 5

Add butter to chocolate mixture and stir with a heatproof rubber spatula until smooth and glossy. Scrape ganache into crust and smooth out any bubbles. Chill, uncovered, until set, about 30 minutes.

Pudding and Assembly

Step 6

Stir granulated sugar and 2 Tbsp. water in a medium heavy saucepan to combine. Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring to dissolve sugar, then cook, swirling occasionally but not stirring, until deep amber, 7–9 minutes. Remove from heat.

Step 7

Gradually add milk and cream to caramel, whisking constantly until smooth. The caramelized sugar may stick to the bottom of the pan at first but will eventually loosen and become smooth. Whisk in brown sugar, butter, and salt, then bring butterscotch to a boil.

Step 8

Whisk egg yolks and cornstarch in a large bowl until smooth. Gradually pour in butterscotch, whisking constantly until combined. Wipe out saucepan and scrape pudding mixture into pan. Cook over medium heat, stirring often, until pudding bubbles occasionally and starts to thicken, about 5 minutes. Strain pudding through a fine-mesh sieve into a large bowl and let cool 10 minutes.

Step 9

Scrape pudding into crust on top of ganache and smooth surface. Chill pie, uncovered, until pudding is set, at least 6 hours.

Step 10

To serve, scatter chopped chocolate around edges of pie filling, then pile bananas in the center.

Do ahead: Pie (without chopped chocolate and bananas) can be made 3 days ahead. Cover and keep chilled.

How would you rate Chocolate-Biscoff Banoffee Pie?

The pudding instructions are misleading. The way it reads makes it sound like the egg + cornstarch mixture needs to be added to the butterscotch on the stove, but it is the opposite. Once I tried it again it went as planned.

I made this for Easter, it was so good but I did need to tweak it some. The crust was fine, and since the pudding is not too sweet, it added a nice contrast. My pie pan was smaller than the one indicated. I made the pudding as in the recipe, but needed another batch. On the second batch of pudding, I added an additional 1/2 C milk and increased the Cornstarch to 3 T. I also added an additional 1/2 C milk whisked into the eggs, which helped the yolk cornstarch mix blend into the pudding mix with WAY less lumps. These were the only tweaks, but next time I will add sliced ​​bananas in the pudding mix.

Everything was going so well and I was so excited. Then I added the egg + cornstarch to the pudding and it became clumps of gritty scrambled egg. I think there ought to be some tempering like you would do for a creme brûlée?

I wasn’t crazy about this turned out. The Biscoff cookies are already quite sweet so I found the extra sugar too much, and I have quite the sweet tooth! The chocolate layer was a nice addition. The pudding tasted great on its own but overall I found that there wasn’t much flavor, it just tasted sweet. Also I really wouldn’t call this banoffee pie, it’s very different from a classic banoffee pie. It wasn’t too much work though, quite easy to put together if your used to making caramel.

This is a lovely-looking dessert, but please take the word & quotbanoffee & quot out of the title. This bears no resemblance to banoffee pie.

This pie is truly a delight. I had it for dessert last night and breakfast this morning. I will say the step making the caramel was very difficult to me and it took 4 tries. I need more practice making caramel in general. I also definitely used large egg yolks but it was very hard to make them a creamy consistency with that much corn starch. It was clumpy, so I started over with less cornstarch. I put the pudding on the stove on medium and vigorously whipped in the egg yolks and about 3 tablespoons cornstarch until it thickened. If it isn’t thickened to your liking, you can just whisk in more cornstarch as it boils. You have to strain out the lumps anyway! If I was president I would make Biscoff cookie crusts the standard news instead of graham cracker crust. Why are we settling for less America ?? Anyway, loved this twist on a Banoffee pie. Next time it will be much easier to make.

This was so good! I would definitely make it again. This recipe is more involved / effortful than many desserts, which makes sense given it has three distinct layers. That said, it was worth it. This was my first time making caramel and pudding from scratch, and I was a bit unsure of the steps, but I followed the recipe as exactly as I could and it all went fine. I think an important component is to use a heavy saucepan, like the recipe says.

This was really delicius but next time I will add another tbsp of conrstarch because it was a bit runny, even after chilling overnight. I would also add a small pinch of salt to the biscoff crust to balance out the 1/3 c of sugar. I served it with lighlty sweetened whipped cream and everyone loved it!

my pudding split :( So not creamy as I had hoped. The first time the milk / butterscotch is brought to a boil, it curdled for me. I thought maybe when I added the yolk and cornstarch it would smooth it out, but no. Maybe my medium heat was too high? Otherwise awesome flavors, but the pudding component was above my skill set.


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