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Egg appetizer with mayonnaise and dill

Egg appetizer with mayonnaise and dill

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Remove the raw egg and mustard from the refrigerator to bring them to room temperature. It is important that all ingredients have the same temperature.

Boil hard-boiled eggs. Allow to cool, then clean and cut in half.

For the filling: crush all the boiled egg yolks, mix together with the mustard, salt, pepper, raw egg yolk and lemon juice. A paste is obtained, over which the oil is dripped in a thin thread, stirring continuously with a whisk until it becomes creamy and consistent. Prepare as much mayonnaise as we want.

Fill the egg whites with mayonnaise, taking care to keep about two tablespoons for the sauce. Place the eggs on a plate.

For the sauce: the remaining mayonnaise is thinned with a tablespoon of water and a few drops of vinegar, mixing well.

Pour the sauce over the eggs, decorate with dill and olives, my millets like the kalamata, because they are more fragrant.

Good appetite!

If you like my recipe, you can also find it on my blog:

Kneading in the oven

Most of us make a plate with eggs filled for the New Year and, possibly, for Easter. I propose to pay attention to ourselves on any other day and to festively mark the meal with such an appetizer. Normally, mayonnaise is an important part of the filling, I excluded it and made a much lighter combination. The result is high, though!


Eggs- 8 (at room temperature)


Yolks- 8
Pate- 3 tbsp (about 100 g)
Fat cream - 3 tbsp
Sweet mustard - 2 tbsp
Ham / fillet muscles - 2 slices (finely chopped)
Green (crushed)


Fat cream - 5 tbsp
Sweet mustard - 3 tbsp
Garlic - 3 puppies (chop well)
Dried parsley - 2 teaspoons
Red pepper - 1 (finely chopped)
Green (crushed)

Method of preparation:

1-Eggs (at room temperature) are put in a pot of boiling water from the moment the water starts to boil, leave for 8 minutes on low heat, then keep in cold water until they can peel.
2-Cut the eggs lengthwise into two equal parts and remove the yolks in a bowl.
3-Crush the yolks well with a fork, then add the other ingredients mentioned in Filling and mix well until the composition is homogeneous.
4-Put a layer of this filling on the plate on which the appetizer is arranged, and fill the halves with eggs with the rest.
5-Arrange the egg halves on the plate with the filling down.
6-Prepare the sauce by mixing sour cream, mustard, garlic and dried parsley (in the quantities specified in S.O.S).
7-Cover the plate with eggs with the prepared sauce and sprinkle with pieces of kapia pepper and chopped greens.

Stuffed eggs (with liver pate and mushrooms)

It is one of the dishes that is almost not missing from any holiday meal (especially), being as usual my husband's favorite. So far I have prepared so many stuffed eggs that I think I could have fed an army of soldiers brilliantly. , to my parents, to the mountains, to..and I lost my temper & # 8230and when I think that everything started somewhere & # 8230sometimes & # 8230 from an idea of ​​mine to add some other ingredients that were left in my house, in the classic filling and & # 8230a something magical came out, which my family likes a lot and to which it seems that I will be connected for the rest of my life & # 8230


  • 10 eggs
  • 1 box of poultry liver pate (I only use Tulip)
  • ¼ butter pack (I use President)
  • 1-2 teaspoons mustard
  • 2 tablespoons mayonnaise
  • ½ dill connection (or parsley & # 8211 to taste)
  • 450 jar of 450 gr pickled mushrooms
  • 3-4 pickled cucumbers in vinegar (not very big)
  • salt, pepper (to taste)
  • ½ teaspoon sweet paprika

Method of preparation

    Boil eggs for about 8-10 minutes, so that they are hard.

After the eggs have boiled, leave them for a while in cold water or under a stream of cold water until they cool down, so that they can be cleaned more easily.

After we have peeled the eggs, we cut them in half and remove the yolks that we put aside in a bowl.

Crush the yolks very well with a fork, add the mustard, then the butter (at room temperature) and rub well until it becomes a thick paste.

Separately cut into small cubes the pickles and mushrooms that we drain in a sieve.

Over the yolk composition add the cucumbers and mushrooms (squeezed well beforehand), mayonnaise, finely chopped dill and mix well.

Season with salt, pepper, paprika to taste it may not need salt, almost all ingredients are salty.

Patiently fill the boiled egg whites with the resulting composition.

It is good to consume them after a few hours of preparation, in order to have time to combine the tastes.

Decorate according to preference, before consuming them. I garnished it with mayonnaise, greens, cucumbers, olives and peppers in vinegar.

Note: Don't be afraid of the mayonnaise on top. She does everything with these eggs. It is my light and sour mayonnaise, which I will tell you about another time, or on request.


If you are tired of beef salad (olive), crab salad and other very traditional for our holiday meals, I suggest you vary the menu with a tricolor salad. It tastes good and looks very appetizing, so compliments from diners and questions like & # 8222How did you make this goodness? & # 8221 are guaranteed.

INGREDIENT (4 pers.): ESTIMATED TIME & # 8211 20 min

carrots & # 8211 800 gr
peas & # 8211 400 gr
corn & # 8211 400 gr
eggs & # 8211 4 pcs.
mayonnaise & # 8211 5-6 tbsp
mustard & # 8211 2 teaspoons
dill, salt, pepper

We boil the eggs. Peel the carrots, cut them into rounds and boil them in boiling water (the carrots should be of medium thickness).

We mix mayonnaise with mustard and chopped dill & # 8211 we will receive a fragrant and very beautiful cream.

Drain the peas and corn juice, do the same with the boiled carrots & # 8211 drain them from the water and let them cool. Put all these three basic ingredients in a bowl, add the mayonnaise cream, mix and serve on a plate with boiled eggs cut in four. Good appetite!

Egg appetizer with mayonnaise and dill - Recipes


When I started the stuffed egg recipe I had another plan, which is to make them according to a delicious recipe from Raisa, but as I received Sanda Marin's cookbook for my birthday, the plans changed a bit, I combined here and there came out a recipe of its own, a delicious combination and was appreciated by diners.

  • 8 eggs, 200 gr chicken breast, 2 cucumbers in vinegar, salt, pepper, 2 tablespoons mustard, 100 ml oil, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, greens.

I boiled the chicken breast in water with a little salt.

When the eggs cooled, I broke them in half, vertically with a wide knife. Directly through the shell we section each egg!

I got 2 halves of each egg, then with a teaspoon I took out half of the eggs from the shell.

I also separated the yolk from the egg white with a teaspoon.

Because I don't know how to explain perfectly, you have the technique here: trust me, it's the simplest way :)

From 2 boiled yolks and one raw I made mayonnaise. I added the 2 tablespoons of mustard and gradually 100 ml of oil.

I passed the rest of the yolks with a fork and then I put them over the mayonnaise together with the finely chopped chicken breast, the finely chopped cucumbers, salt and pepper.

With this composition I filled the egg whites and decorated them with parsley leaves.

It is a very good appetizer idea for the Christmas or New Year's table.


Eggs stuffed with tuna Simple, tasty, strong recipe easy to prepare. With simple ingredients, in a short time you can turn a common recipe into a festive one, ready to sit on the table both for breakfast and on holidays.

Immediately after the revolution, but also before, stuffed eggs were in vogue. My Polish grandmother often prepared them with mushrooms or various types of fish. My mother prefers those with chicken liver pate.

Even in the communist times in the border localities there was easy traffic with various food products or some of them managed better to procure them. My grandparents had almost everything that went through my head at that time, and my grandfather especially wanted to pamper us more because we only saw each other twice a year, on vacation. This is how, even in those days, I sometimes had black or red caviar from the Russians on the pasta table. And, if Grandma made eggs stuffed with fish, she decorated them with caviar.

I discovered the capers and used them both in the filling and as decoration for these eggs filled with tuna.

Eggs stuffed with tuna they have been among my favorites lately. I think I prepared them on the appetizer post on all the anniversaries of the last year, but it all started with New Year's Eve when I wanted quick appetizers with fish.

I also prepared eggs stuffed with tuna in other variants. You can see them if click here. Over 10 stuffed egg recipes you can see in one post if click here.

Before I show you how to do it eggs stuffed with tuna I must mention that eggs are boiled in cold water. Boil them for 8-10 minutes from the moment the water starts to boil. Gently clean them while they are still hot.

Here is the list of ingredients and how to prepare it eggs stuffed with tuna.


10 hard boiled eggs

For the filling
1 can of tuna (160 g)
3 tablespoons mayonnaise
1 teaspoon capers + 16 capers for decoration
1-2 teaspoons lemon juice
2 strands dill / green parsley & # 8211 for decoration

I boiled the eggs until they had a strong consistency. I peeled them and cut them in half lengthwise, then removed the yolks. I drained the canned tuna well and put it in a bowl.
With a vertical mixer I mixed 5 yolks, mayonnaise, lemon juice, capers and tuna, then seasoned with salt and pepper and added a little lemon juice.

I filled the halves of the eggs with cream, I decorated them with capers and dill, but you can only use green parsley.

Appetizer cake step by step & # 8211 video recipe

Have you tried this recipe? Follow me on @JamilaCuisine or tag #jamilacuisine!

Recipe of appetizer cake it is wonderful for any holiday, especially for Christmas and New Year. This cake is made from the top of slices of bread and delicious fillings based on vegetables or meat. Mount in layers and cover with cream cheese. It is really delicious, it is not difficult to prepare and it makes a sensation on any table. Moreover, you can juggle the fillings as you wish and you can make it in the same way.

I chose three fillings that I really like. One with egg salad, one with peas and one with smoked salmon. I made sure that the three fillings matched each other and were tasty. Egg salad is easy to make and very good. All you need is boiled eggs, mayonnaise, sour cream and possibly a few olives. For an easier option you can replace sour cream and mayonnaise with Greek yogurt. Depending on the taste, you can add parsley or dill and a little mustard.

The pea cream is also easy to make and extremely tasty. I used frozen peas which I boiled for a few minutes in boiling salted water, then I put it under a stream of cold water. In this way it kept its beautiful color. You can also replace peas with other vegetables such as spinach, carrots or broccoli. For the last cream, I used smoked salmon. I really like salmon and I often use it in many dishes. If you do not want to use smoked salmon, you can replace it with smoked chicken breast. For bread, you need peeled slices. I found it on the market, but if you can't find it, take sliced ​​bread and peel it.

To assemble this appetizer cake, alternate layers of bread and layers of cream, so that the last layer is of bread. Leave it in the fridge overnight, and the next day you can decorate it as you wish. It's the tastiest appetizer cake I've ever eaten and it will impress everyone. From these ingredients you get at least 15 servings of appetizer cake, so enough for any party or celebration. Along with it, you can try my recipe festive appetizers or that of stuffed baguettes.

Angela's feats

An appetizer that is full and easy to make when you are full of ideas and time, especially since it does not require pretentious ingredients, which you should not have at hand.
So we need:

6 boiled eggs, hard
1 small yogurt
5-6 tablespoons mayonnaise
2 teaspoons mustard
3-4 sprigs of green onions
1 clove of green garlic
a little greenery
salt pepper

Cut the eggs into cubes and when they are completely cooled add them to the sauce.

At the end we add greenery to taste, I like it with tarragon, so I think it suits the taste best, but for those who don't like it, it's also good with dill or parsley. Or not at all, if you don't like "herbs".

It usually happens that I make this salad after Easter when I have red eggs, to use them in due time.
Now, I was inspired by the onion and green garlic that I bargained for from the market!


Mushroom pudding & # 8211 recipe for salted pudding with mushrooms and cheese & # 8211 extremely tasty appetizer recipe with mushrooms and cheese, simple and easy to prepare.

It is an economical recipe that can be prepared for festive meals, meetings with friends, generally for buffet meals. It can definitely be a snack idea, it can be packaged or picnic.

Mushroom pudding it can also be prepared with fresh mushrooms, but they must be sautéed beforehand. Keep in mind that by cooking their volume and weight decreases considerably, so you will have to weigh the cooked mushrooms so that you reach 400g.

We really like mushrooms. It is enough to search for the word mushrooms and you will discover dozens, if not more than 100 recipes with mushrooms. From appetizer recipes (rolls, vol-au vent, mushrooms with mayonnaise and garlic, eggs stuffed with mushrooms, mushrooms stuffed in the same way and face), snacks (pancakes, pastries, tarts), stews, food or supper- creams. I often put the mushrooms in garnish recipes, accompanying fish recipes, chicken, pork, but I also have some fasting recipes prepared with them.

Coming back to mushroom pudding I must tell you that this recipe is not a & # 8220 inheritance & # 8221 family. I got it from my former office colleague, the one who also gave me the best recipe pizza appetizer.

To make a very tasty mushroom pudding you don't need complicated and expensive ingredients. Canned mushrooms can be found everywhere, a few slices of bread bagel ensure consistency, and onions and eggs are cheap ingredients. I used a lot of dill and a little parsley as a vegetable, but you can give up dill if you don't like it and leave only the parsley.

I now leave the list of ingredients and how to prepare for mushroom pudding presented step by step below:


2 cans of mushrooms & # 8211 2 cans of 400g total weight (with juice)
120 g grated cheese
3-4 onions, lightly chopped and hardened in 50 ml of oil
3 slices of bagel soaked in milk
salt, pepper, parsley, green dill
6 well beaten eggs

For a start, I finely chopped the onion and hardened it.

I mixed the egg whites with a pinch of salt until I got a hard foam. I added the yolks, one by one, or all at the same time and mixed lightly, from the bottom up.

I incorporated in the egg composition the hardened onion, the bread broken into small pieces, the cheese, the mushrooms and the greens.

I poured the composition into a tray lined with oil and flour (or lined with baking paper) and baked for 40-45 minutes at 180 ° C.

Egg appetizer with mayonnaise and dill - Recipes

- 8 potatoes suitable in size
- 500 g telemea
- 200 g cheese
- a box of sour cream
- 1 dill connection
- margarine
- 4 eggs
- salt pepper.

The potatoes are boiled in salted water, it is best to boil them in the evening and use them in the morning, so they have time to cool very well.

Put the cheese on a large grater and mix with the finely chopped dill.

The cheese is also grated on a large grater.

Use a tray of Jena that we grease well with margarine.

Place a row of sliced ​​potatoes in the tray

over which a layer of cheese mixed with dill is placed,

and on top put another layer of sliced ​​potatoes. (if the tray is higher, alternate the layers until all the ingredients are finished, but the last layer must be potatoes)

Place the grated cheese on top of the last layer of potatoes.

Beat the 4 eggs over which 3-4 tablespoons of sour cream are added.

The composition thus obtained is poured over the grated cheese and the tray is put in the oven over medium heat, for 45 min - 1 h.

This dish is good and hot and cold, it can be served simply or with sour cream or for the most carnivorous with a barbecue next to it.
I also took a picture in the section

Stuffed eggs

A tasty appetizer, easy to make and not missing from the holiday tables.

- 10 eggs boiled very well
- 1 box of liver pate (for 10 boiled eggs I use a box of 120 g of pate)
- 1 pickle
- olives
- mayonnaise (1 raw egg, 1 boiled egg yolk, oil, 1 teaspoon mustard)
- 1 teaspoon margarine or butter
- salt pepper.

The 10 eggs are boiled in cold salted water, so as not to crack during boiling.

After the eggs have boiled, let them cool, clean them and then cut them in half. (in order to clean them nicely, it is advisable to clean them under a stream of cold water)

Put the egg yolks, liver pate and 1-2 tablespoons of margarine or butter in a bowl and mix with the mixer until smooth, then add salt and pepper to taste. (keep a boiled yolk for mayonnaise)

The halves of the eggs are filled with the obtained paste, and the pickled cucumber rounds are placed over the filling.

On top, the eggs are garnished with mayonnaise, preferably homemade, and for a more special look, you can put slices of olives on top of the mayonnaise.

Video: Φοβερά μεζεδάκια για γιορτινό πασχαλινό τραπέζι. Γεμιστά Αυγά συνταγή χωρίς μαγιονέζα (July 2022).


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